Sunday, September 4, 2011

Something Green

Woo! Green glitter toes!

In case you wanted to do this yourself and didn't know how I thought I'd throw in a little tutorial for ya.
First, gather your supplies: a base coat, a top coat, glitter, and a paper plate or something to catch the extra glitter. 

After getting the lint out from between your toes, or whatever you usually do in your pedicure routine, paint your nails with the base coat. I usually try to match this with the glitter color but since I didn't have green paint I just went with a nude.

Immediately after painting, while the paint is still wet, pour the glitter over your nail. I usually do one nail at a time for this part.

Once all your nails have glitter on them use your super-human speed to tap the excess from your toes.

From different angles too.

Then wait.

They need time to dry at this point. Because of all the glitter the paint underneath stays soft for a really long time. If you try to do a top coat too soon it will smear around and kill a lot of the sparkle. That is how I ended up with lumpy, non-sparkly, red nails a few weeks ago.

Things to do while you wait:
Paint your (finger)nails blue.
Eat a cookie.
Watch an episode of LOST.
Tell your husband you have to go to bed a half hour later because your toes won't be done.
Read blogs.
Watch your husband snooze on the couch.
Eat two cookies.
Pin 17 new things.
Comment on everything interesting on Facebook.
Look around the room.

And easy as that your nails are dry! And now that they are I like to dab even more of the glitter off with a q-tip. This way the stragglers don't end up in your clear topcoat and ruin your next pedicure.

I'd like to take this moment to point out my opposable pinky toe.

After you've dabbed and tapped the extra glitter off put a coat or two of clear topcoat over each nail.


Put on some cute open toed shoes and show off those piggies! 

Pay no attention to the blood loss in the big toes. 
The shoes will always be worth it.


  1. ummm...did u know they sell glittery nail polish? that might be easier.


  2. Martha Stewart glitter is the very best for this! Adorable!

  3. But it is not the same Brittany, not the same!
    And Emily I love Martha's glitter. It's like glitter gourmet.

  4. The OPI all that glitters color does this! I have it and LOVE it!! (Dries in about 10 minutes, too AND it's a multicolor glitter!!) LOL Anywhooooo, I totally spotted your blue nails from where I was sitting in the congregation today. Totally chic. I dig!

  5. Oh my gosh! That is so cute! But, is it worth the effort??? Tell me! !:)

  6. AH, very cute!! I love glitter toes.