Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello all! I hope your days have been merry and bright, I know mine have been.
Tyson and I have been pretty busy, keeping up with all the "House" marathons and "Treeman: search for a cure". It's a hard-knocked life my friends, hard knocked. We're doing what we can to survive.
Christmas was great I must say. We got some sweet presents this year including PHOTOSHOP. Yeah, you heard me. When you are a BYU student you can get the full monty for just over $300 so that was the parents' gift to us. Thanks! I'm sure that someday I will figure out how to use it and decorate my blog with pictures of beauty and glamour. But until then all you get is this.

"Merry Christmas, Love. If you take any more pictures of me at this frightful hour I may have to eat you with my pearly whites, all of which I am showing you now. Or maybe I'll just get you back with an early morning snapshot of yourself."
Tyson gets a Nerf gun every year for Christmas, a tradition which I happily uphold. However, his sister Emily may not be as thrilled with this tradition as she is usually at the receiving end of the spongy missiles. Watch out!

Another thing we got to do was play in the snow! We made Mr. Googly McSchmoogly on Christmas Eve and I'm sad to report he met an untimely death when the temperature hit almost 50 degrees (+rain) three days in a row. R.I.P. Googly.

Oh, and guess what! I totally made a friend. I've been so worried that I wouldn't meet anyone out here and I would live the rest of my life friendless and alone. ESPECIALLY because after living in Utah for so long I'm afraid of people who aren't Mormon... Just kidding. But seriously, how else was I going to meet anyone?
Anyway, we finally got to go to church (it had been cancelled the last couple weeks because of the weather) and I started talking to a girl in relief society. We chatted a little bit about this and that after church when she said those 5 little words I'd been longing to hear.
"Do you like to scrapbook?"
Numbers were exchanged and bonds were made. Who knows, we may end up with a relationship like what my friend Brittany and I have (we have been shopping for scrapbook supplies many times together, and yet have never actually scrapbooked together) but that would be ok.
A friend, a friend! La di da!


  1. I love you babe. I had fun building Googly McSchmoogly with you.

  2. I will be your bad I live so far away

  3. Ahhh Photoshop...welcome to the dark side my friend. It will suck you in...bwaahahahaha! LOL! JK, it is way fun, overwhelming, but good stuff. Looks like you had a lovely white Christmas! Way fun!