Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HELLO, My name is...

And I live in a land of boxes.

The packing guys came today and tomorrow the moving guys come. I sort of feel like I'm homeless... but with a home. Tomorrow our apartment will be an empty shell, just waiting to be cleaned.
Sounds fun, don't it?
Only one casualty so far though!! Too bad it was Tyson's favorite Mason jar.
And it wasn't us who broke it.

It was the moving guy.

I was just grateful it wasn't a vase.

'Cause I like my vases.

Even though they're not made of crystal.



  1. Those moving guys have a talent for breaking favorite things.

  2. ugh... that doesn't look very fun, but it will all be worth it when you're in your new digs, in a new city, with new memories to create!

    R.I.P - Mason Jar... I'm sure you lived a good life!

  3. Wow! You are going to be a real adult soon! : ) Do you have an address that I can send a Christmas card to?

  4. i remember living in that same land of boxes just a few weeks a go, it will all be worth it when you get to your new place. when is the big moving day? do you know where you are living yet? i am excited for you to join me over here in the pacific northwest! and seriously the offer still stands if you need any help getting settled in, connor and i will be there, just let us know!

  5. Hey at least you have packing people. I hate packing boxes. I think next time I move I will have to insist on packing guys.

  6. Yay! This means you'll be here soon. We're excited to have you guys!!

  7. WWWAAAAHHHH. That's me crying. I am so sad you guys are moving! Even though I'm sad, I'm excited for you too! Good luck and I hope to see you tonight.

  8. Movers? Lucky, gosh... It will be nice to be a grown-up someday when Scott is out of grad school. Good luck with the rest of your move. And thanks for the card input. Love ya!

  9. Dang-the Mason jar is TL's favorite drinking glass too! So sorry. Hey do you have an address that you can email all your adoring family/fans? Some of us want to send you a Christmas card.