Monday, December 8, 2008

Things that are weird

1. Toe socks. I wore a pair of these yesterday (yes, I still have not one but THREE pairs of these) and they were just as uncomfortable as I remember. I wanted to amputate my foot after about 5 minutes of having it stuffed into my boot with that sock on. But then I didn't and I ended up wearing the socks all day long. I swear it will never happen again!

2. Seahorses. They look funny. And only a little bit like horses. I'm pretty sure I would still like to hold one though. And the men carry the babies. Hmm... Men carrying babies reminds me of...

3. This guy. Have you seen this guy? Uh, girl, uh guy/girl? He's pregnant. For the second time I think. And he lives in Portland, NEXT TO WHERE I'M GONNA LIVE!!!!

4. Older women laughing and... and... I'm not even sure I can say it... tooting on either side of me in a public restroom. Awkward!! This was another event from yesterday. What a day. What. A. Day.

5. Crazy space stuff. Like nebulas. Tyson tells me these are light years across. Whoa, they are crazy AND pretty.
Hey! Kinda like me! Heh heh, j/k friends, j/k.

6. Crazy space food. I love this space ice cream. I remember getting it at the planetarium and feeling like I could eat it FOREVER. Do astronauts really even eat this? It seems like such a novelty that they wouldn't stoop to it. But what do I know? I'm just a lowly earthling.

7. Being finished with school. Yes, it's true, I turned in my last assignment ever yesterday and so I am done! Done done done! Hee hee! I can't even believe it; it is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. And guys, the movers are coming tomorrow to pack up all our stuff. Holy moly, we are actually graduating and leaving. It is seriously the strangest feeling knowing that we are leaving in less than a week.
Goodbye Utah! Goodbye UVU! Goodbye little apartment!
Pictures courtesy of google images


  1. Just wondering. . . are the toe socks going to make the move with you? I believe those were an ill-thought xmas present at one time. And that guy having a baby... he ... is ... not ... a ... guy. Just looks like one.

  2. That was very entertaining! Those are some kinda weird things mostly that pregnant lady gone guy. Now that is just weird what is up with that? I hadn't heard about that, apparently he was on Oprah, strange people! CONGRATS on being all done with school! That is such a wonderful feeling. Good luck with your move!

  3. That is crazy - hey did you get that stuff i sent you??

  4. This is so crazy! I wish I was done already. Congrats! I miss our first apartment together. I'm sure you will too.

  5. Oh I forgot to mention that I think I am the only person in the WHOLE world that LOVES toe socks. I love them...they keepy my toes warm for some reason. So, if you still hate them, send em my way !!