Thursday, December 11, 2008

The winner takes it all

The loser standing small.

So Tyson had a graduate luncheon/pizza party/giveaway thing to go to today, however, since we had movers at our house he didn't go.

I mean, we never win stuff anyway, so we figured he'd just miss out on a couple slices of pizza.

His friend just called saying he won 500 bucks. 500 lonely bones. 500 opportunities.


On someone else.

He wasn't there to claim his prize. We all know what happens when you aren't there for your prize. I feel like such a schlub!! It is my fault after all that he didn't go. He could have left me alone with the movers but I felt awkward about it and so he decided to stay with me.

The prize ruiner.
Queen of loss.
Mistress of anguish.

Tyson decided to race to BYU to see if there was any chance he could still redeem the gift. My hopes are not high...

But wait...

He's calling me...



He still gets it!! Turns out it wasn't a drawing, it was actually an award from the faculty for being the most outstanding grad student. He missed the speech all about how awesome he is, but the check will be in the mail.


I love you all,

Your queen
of happiness and joy


  1. Yay, I'm sure glad he didn't miss out on that big prize just cause he wasn't there! That really would've been sad. Your story had me on edge, I'm thinking you did that on purpose maybe! :) Well, congrats to Tyson on being an outstanding student that really is awesome. And yea for $500 bucks! Can't be that!

  2. this story sounds familiar. my senior year of high school i won $50, but almost didn't get to the front to claim it fast enough and they almost gave it to someone else, but i got it just in time. must run in the family. hooray for 500 bucks!

  3. Hey Mari! I am excited you found me. I found your blog through Lesley too awhile back! I guess I should have told you I was reading :).

    And hooray for winning $500! That is so great. Maybe you should buy a camera with it. Just kidding. :) Okay enough smileys!

  4. whoa that is awesome! go out with a bang!!! best grad student eh? Congrats!

  5. See - the luck can be shared! WAHOO on the 500!!