Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

1. Participate in a mini triathlon.

So I have been totally afraid to commit to this as a resolution (you know, in case I got lazy and decided to back out) but I found an all women's triathlon/sprint triathlon that I can do August 1st in a nearby city and I really think I want to do it! They even have a novice group for those of us who have never done this before and are terrified of swimming in open water so that we can start off with extra low expectations. I'm kinda excited.

2. Read my scriptures regularly.

Ugh. You. Guys. This was a bad year for daily scripture study. But I'm recommitted! I will read every day this year.

3. Watch less T.V.

Sigh. I love T.V., I really do. It's so pathetic. I know I'm supposed to quantify my resolutions to be more successful at them but I haven't quite figured out what I'm willing to cut back to. And I'm having a hard time getting off the tube during the holidays; I figure it's like going on a diet halfway through a buffet. Real life starts again next week, check in with me then.

4. Stop making fun of how the newscasters dramatise the weather.

Ah, but it's just so easy.

5. Learn to cut Tyson's hair.

Hee hee, we may have to wait until we have another long vacation (which will probably never happen again) before I embark on this resolution. I don't want Tyson to be obligated to go to work or anything with a really horrible haircut. I should have practiced on him a couple weeks ago when we didn't have anything to do (oh yeah, besides finish school and move to a different state) but I didn't think of it then.

6. Quit picking at my cuticals.

I really feel like this is my most annoying habit. Ever. Including the time I was constantly singing Shania Twain songs. I keep telling myself that once I stop picking at them and they look good I will get a manicure. Still haven't gotten one. So if you see me messing with them, slap me! Twice! I want that manicure!

So, those are the resolutions I'm willing to commit to at least halfway. I think it will be a good year.

Happy 2009!!


  1. i love them. especially the tv one.... ugh. i watched those house marathons too:) hooked i tell you.

  2. Oh my goodness. There are a lot of resolutions there. I only made one this year.
    Hopefully it will be easy enough to accomplish.
    Happy New Year Mari!

  3. I am horrible about getting my scriptures read, too. Yesterday I was 'surfing' and found this website called, where you can set up a reading schedule, then they send you your daily reading in your e-mail. After you read you click 'completed' and they send you the next one.They keep track of your progress (like if you are behind or ahead), and if you do your reading online you can add in notes next to verses and highlight stuff. I thought it was pretty cool and signed myself up (it's free). I'm addicted to checking my e-mail, so if I have my daily reading assignment staring me in the face, maybe I'll actually do it!

  4. Hey-I say-Kill two birds with one stone-read your scriptures during the commercials. Good luck with your resolutions.

  5. good resolutions. i want to do a mini marathon some day, but won't commit yet...

    my resolutions list is A MILE long. i am known to overdo things just a bit. :)

    if you promise to stop messing with your cuticles, i'll stop biting my nails & then we can both get manicures! i like that idea!

  6. You are a better woman than me. I contemplated resolutions for about fifteen minutes, then decided junk food and a sedentary lifestyle will be my plan for '09!