Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trial by fire

So, as part of student teaching I have to do lots of things.

Like... Learn the students' names.


Yeah, it sounds easy but since I have somewhere along the lines of 300 students or so this has been hard! I recognize most of them by face but ask me their names and it's a gamble whether I'll get it right or not. I like them and I want to know their names but I just can't keep them all in my brain, ok!? Don't judge me.

Enter: Parent Teacher Conferences.

Oh crap.

But don't worry, my cooperating teacher will be there to help me not look like a fool in front of all these parents who expect me to know and love their kids.

Wrong again. Cooperating teacher home sick today. Must face parents A.L.O.N.E.

Well friends, in the end, I survived. Yeah, there may have been a few parents who came in whose kids I didn't know (only embarrassing when the kids came with their parents to conference) but I think I faked it well enough. Maybe. At any rate it's another rite of passage that I have completed on my road to becoming a teacher.

Go me.


  1. Mari, your blog totally cracks me up. You are hilarious. You have a way with words, my dea. As for student conferences...I am so proud of your BS-ing skills. You go girl. So Washington, huh? Wow! Exciting. I am excited to continue to read about your adventures together.

  2. I'm so impressed that you did parent teacher conferences alone! My cooperating teacher did 'em and I just sat there and listened most of the time, I didn't even attend both days. Seriously, way to go!

    When do you move to Washington?

  3. i hated parent teacher conferences. way to go for surviving them.

  4. Mari, what is up? Haven't seen you in awhile. Are you done with school? Washington is gorgeous you will love it.... love-Becca

  5. If anyone could do it alone, it would be you! Congrats on the success! How are you? I miss seeing ya on a daily basis.

  6. YEAH! We are now bunco and blog buddies! Loves it! I love your blog... so fun! PS I need to get your roll recipe because they were amazing!

  7. Hey Mari, this is Tyson's cousin Erin. I linked up with you off of Emily's blog wanting to see what you guys were up to. When I saw your tracker on the bottom I decided I better reveal myself so I didn't possibly freak you out wondering who in San Antonio kept coming to your blog. :) I hope you don't mind. Your blog is quite fun to read and I actually couldn't resist looking and laughing at several of your posts. You are a great and entertaining blogger! So, I hope you don't mind my coming to your blog and that I might come back! I have a blog as well at that you are welcome to check out if you'd like. And congrats to you guys on the job in Washington. That is a great feeling to know what you'll be doing for awhile. And that will also be nice to be close to family. Congrats!

  8. When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher was conveniently sick about 75% of the time. Fortunately (?) that particular group of students came from mainly dysfunctional homes and their parents were uninterested in what they did at school. Oh and also, my first year of teaching, I also matched a parent to the wrong student during a parent/teacher conference. Pretty embarrassing since I only taught 21 kids.