Monday, October 20, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

So I decided to make a list of the goods and bads of my current condition. I don't mean to make light of having a miscarriage and I normally wouldn't even think of it but since I just had one... Well, let's just say all bets are off. After being pregnant for 11 weeks (and feeling every minute of it) and then suddenly not being pregnant for 5 days I feel justified in my observations.

Good: I am no longer nauseous.
Bad: I no longer have an excuse to be a picky eater.

Good: I can start training for a marathon if I want.
Bad: That would require training for a marathon.

Good: My boobs don't hurt anymore.
Bad: They shrank.

Good: I don't have to gain 35 lbs in 9 months.
Bad: What happens if I do it anyway? Darn those truffles and their magical healing powers!

Good: I can fit into my pants again.
Bad: So much for that new wardrobe.

Good: The thought of chili doesn't make me sick anymore.
Bad: The smell of it still does.

Good: At least this all happened during fall break from school.
Bad: I need another fall break to recover.

Good: I'm not bloated anymore.
Bad: Actually... there may not be a bad side to this one.

Good: I have the energy to blog again.
Bad: There is only one thing I feel like blogging about.

Good: I'm not going to have to worry about swollen ankles anytime soon.
Bad: It's getting too cold to show off my sexy skinny legs.

Good: I haven't worn mascara in a week (very liberating)
Bad: It's because I'll just cry and ruin it.

Good: I'll still be able to reach my legs to shave them when spring comes.
Bad: Dang.

Good: I can now take my prenatal vitamins without gagging.
Bad: They still taste like dog food.

Good: This whole ordeal has reminded me how many people love and care about me. Thank you all for your love and support.
Bad: No bad to this either.

Ugly: No sweet squishy baby to cuddle on April 29.


  1. OH, sweetie. I am so sorry to hear about all of that. It breaks my heart. I want to give you a big hug and stroke your head!

    I hope, hope, hope that things brighten up for you. It's good that you are looking towards the positive. That's very important. Miscarriages are never easy. You feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, and your insides are all numb, but really, really hurt at the same time.

    Feel free to give me a call anytime. I know people say that all the time, but I really mean it!

    Oh, and they tell you not to eat because they don't want you to throw-up on them, that's all. Why would I care if you ate 3 more truffles?! Eat the whole box, that's what I do...I mean say! ha ha!

  2. It is really healthy to look at the bright side of things! I think that it reminds us that even though life sucks that there is something worth living for. Keep up the positive attitude!

  3. I feel your pain sister! Except mine was due March 10 - five days prior to the girl I work with who is currently showing off her getting large belly :(

  4. Sending you cyber {HuGs} and {KiSSeS}

  5. Mari i am finally commenting! I am so sorry i have been thinking about you lots since i read the not so good news. I really dont understand why these things happen to wonderful people but just remember to not blame yourself and that one day you will know the answer. I love you and hope you can continue to look on the positive side. See you in a few!!!

  6. hey mari! unrelated to your post (but let me sneak in a love ya!), tell tyson good luck tomorrow for me. that's exciting that you guys are one day away from having "dr. lowder ph.d" in the house! we love you guys and are thinking of you two!