Thursday, October 30, 2008

The great pumpkin adventure

Tyson and I planned a very festive activity on Monday when we invited our friends Brady and Laura over to carve pumpkins.

(Laura is the one looking excited and Brady is the one that isn't Tyson)

In order to magnify the Halloween spirit we not only carved pumpkins we also ate our dinner out of one! Recipe courtesy Kelly

And we made the best caramel apples EVER! Even though the caramel came in sheets with weird directions we persevered to create a delicious product.

Mine had Heath bar on it, yum yum.

Ta Daaaaaa!
I felt pretty good about my pumpkin until I watched pumpkin carving on the food network channel. Oh.
You may have noticed that Laura and Brady got all fancy with stencils and stuff while Tyson and I stuck with the ol' cut now, measure later method. We were ok with that. Maybe next year I will try a stencil though cause they turned out pretty cool.

So the day after we carved the pumpkins Tyson and I of course wanted to light them. Even though we were too lazy to take them outside we figured it would be fine to have jack-o-lanterns in the house. We lit the candles and then went to the couch to hang out.

About an hour or so later I smelled a little smoke which I figured was one of the candles burning out.

About half an hour after that Tyson got up to go to the bathroom and sniffed the air.
"What's that smell? Oh yeah, our pumpkins!"
He turned to look at the jack-o-lanterns and...

"Ack!! My pumpkin!!!"

So of course I had to look at our carvings of delight and in place of a pumpkin there was A RAGING INFERNO!!!!

Tyson's beautiful creation had caught on fire from the inside and instead of being a joyous holiday decoration it was now a thing spawned from the devil intent on burning our house down. Tyson tried to blow it out which only fanned the flames and sent a pillar of smoke rising to the ceiling. The only other thing to do was grab the fiery beast and get it outside. And did you notice how big his pumpkin was? El grande my friends, el grande.

Luckily he didn't burn himself and a few more hard blows and another ginormous cloud of smoke later the beast was dead. Never to rise again. Until tomorrow probably.

Moral of the story: Do not have jack-o-lanterns inside the house. They are not meant for the kitchen table.

Other moral of the story: The only thing that will get the smell of charred pumpkin out of your living room is opening all the windows and doors and allowing nature to take it away.


  1. That is an awesome story! Didn't Tyson just get his PhD in potentially fatal things you can do with lasers and high temperatures? You'd think he'd have caught on to the open flame danger a little sooner. ;)

    p.s. Love the hair! It almost makes me want to cut Anna's. Or at least trim her bangs.

  2. i'm crying...laughing too hard to type...

  3. I can't believe tyson's died!!! :( maybe it was a HAUNTED pumpkin! Scary.