Thursday, September 25, 2008

Summer Campout

When my dad was here visiting he and Tyson went for a little hiking, fishing and camping trip. They documented their adventures nicely so I thought I would share them!
Here they are beginning the hike.

A couple hiking shots along the way...

Eureka! A lake.
I am man.
Watch me fish.

Dad is an excellent fisherman.

So is Tyson.

The water looks so beautiful!

And the view was nothing to sneeze at either.

One final look at the lake before...



  1. Your narrations of the photos crack me up. I can just imagine you saying them. We miss you man!

  2. yes, i agree. you narrate very well. feel like i was there maybe...

  3. You know, as I read my own narrations I almost feel like I was there too. But maybe I just like to pretend.