Friday, October 24, 2008

Wacky Weekend Giveaway!

Before we get to the giveaway (be patient!) I would like to address an issue that I believed has been plaguing you all week. I am sure you have all been wondering what I've been doing with all my extra time. My cooperating teacher offered the whole week off to me and. well, she's the boss! Plus, since I'm doing 5 more weeks of student teaching than the school requires I decided to take this week off and embrace it to it's fullest. Which left me home alone for loooong periods of time.
First I thought I would be nice and make some cards for people who have given me extra help in this trying time. Here they are:

I'd never done any card making before (scrap booking yes, card making no) and I think these turned out kinda nice. Success!

The next thing I wanted to do was improve on my pizza making skills. Every time I make pizza dough it ends up tasting like something the pioneers would have eaten on the plains. Not good.
I'm happy to say that this dough turned out pretty good! In spite of me being scared to pre-heat my stone to 500 degrees and, in fact, being to scared to even turn my oven to 500 degrees we had tasty soft (slightly underdone) dough to go along with our ooey gooey (slightly overdone) toppings.
This is me being nervous and uncertain before we ate (please ignore the sauce on the counter).
Did I mention we invited Austin over for pizza? There is nothing like a little brotherly love to make your day.
We were dancing while sharing an ipod.
You guys, I'm not even sure what to say about this next thing. Everyone is doing it and I succumbed. And not only did I succumb, I succumbed bad (succumbed is a weird word... is it even a word? Is it bad that basically used it 4 times in a row?)
ANYWAY, here I am with too much time on my hands.
This is me in 1968. My name is Karen but I make everyone call me Mary after my idol Mary Tyler Moore. I am afraid of hippies and aspire to be a wife and mother.
Here I am in 1954. My name is Doris and I am Vice-President of the chess club. I eat lunch by myself while reading Ernest Hemingway. I bought an Elvis record without telling my mom and I dance to it in my room when no one is watching.
This is me in 1970-something. I forgot the exact date. My name is Diana and this is not my neck! My mom put me on a diet at home and can't understand why I'm not losing weight. It's because I go to my friend Janice's house after school and we eat boston baked beans and devil's food cake to make up for the spinach we're forced to eat at dinner.
Ta da! 1964. My name is Joan and I'm the most popular girl in school. My glasses are the envy of every girl and my since my dad promised me a chevelle when I graduate the boys envy me too. In a few years I will be wearing bell bottoms and flowers and protesting the war on the street.
1984, best hair ever. I am Jennifer and I am a hottie! I love to party and am frequently seen at every club in town. I dance like Tina Turner and my favorite song is Lucky Star by Madonna.
1950. My name is Peggy and I am the nicest girl at school. Everyone likes to hang out with me even though I'm not very interesting. I did, however tan the underside of my face from leaning over the oven too often. But no one cares about my deformity because I make the best apple pies in town and I'm always willing to share.
Ooh! In other exciting news in our lives TODAY is the day of Tyson's dissertation defense. I'm pretty nervous for him but he seems to be just fine with it all. He just wants it to be over. Assuming he passes, by the end of the day I will be Dr. Mrs. Tyson Lowder. Eeek! He is so awesome.
Speaking of Tyson....
Yaaaay! Here he is in 1952. I will name him Clarence.
How about 1962? This one is Eugene, definitely Eugene.
And him? He is a 1976 stud named Johnny. And I think he's hot.

And last but not least,

The Giveaway!!!!

The winner will receive one (1) card made by me. It will probably be a thank you card since that is my specialty. All you need to do is...

Name her. Give her a story. Make her real.

You can enter as many times as you like until 9 p.m. mountain standard time Sunday night. Winner will be announced sometime after that.

Please please please play along. Even if I don't know you and this is the first, or not the first time, you've read this blog please play. I'll be so sad if no one comments on my first contest ever.


  1. Well obviously I am 1988 Tina. One of my favorite things to do is crimp my hair. I am the star of my dance team and wear baggy clothes because that's still cool....but not for long!

  2. WElcome to 1984. This is Francis. Her BFF's name is Denise and they get together to play Atari when they aren't practicing their band instruments. She had a boyfriend once named D-wayne, who she is still obsessed with, and as a tribute to him and his heritage she styles her hair like a black-I mean, Afriacn-American- girl. She aspires to be in a Pat Benatar video someday.

  3. ROTFL!!! Okay, I'll play. Her name is Aquanetta and she is really into fashion. She is the inventor of the crimping iron, and practiced daily on her own hair, until the day she burned off a chunk while watching the Brady Bunch. Now she grooms dogs in Enid Oklahoma.

  4. Egypta. 1989. I like to jump rope with friends on campus, even though we're not kids anymore because it's back in fashion and I like to do everything that's in fashion including wearing my hair like this even though it totally doesn't suit my facial structure.

  5. hey girrrrl. I names her LaKesha. (I think your yearbook photos are better than mine-mine are just scarrry!)

  6. My name is La'Verne. I'm a senior, class of 88' and proud of it! My boyfriends name is Tyrone- But he thinks he is MC Hammer. We love to make out while watching MTV. But we don't get too friski cause I like to wear full on body suits equipped with shoulder pads and big gold belts to keep me looking thin. Hair weaves are out and Im representing my true colors! Me and Tyrone "Dare to say No Drugs". And love to spend time rapping, dancing and going to concerts like Michael Jackson! Although Whitney Houston is my All time favorite! I love 1988!

  7. 1982. My name is Becki. I'm shy, but want to fit in with the popular crowd. I have a tendancy to snort when I laugh, so I remain in the background and try not to draw attention to myself. I have a huge crush on the quarterback from the football team, Tony, but I'm not sure he knows I exist.

    Love the blog by the way! Who says too much time on your hands is a bad thing!

  8. your cars rock.
    give said the little stream...

  9. Her name is Paula and she's a 1988 senior. She used to have a different name, but legally changed it after listening to Paula Abdul's "Opposite's Attract" and "Straight Up". Deep down she dreams of being a Laker girl like Paula, but is considering fashion design after being voted best dressed for the yearbook.

  10. Mari, I just stumbled upon your blog after looking at your profile on facebook. I am so, so sorry to hear what you are going through. You'll definitely be in my prayers. It's been a long time since we've been in touch!!!

  11. This is Jordanna. She likes to make her own jewelry and one day, everyone will want to wear it. She loves to fix her hair with her new reversable conair crimper/straightener. It is the best invention yet! She loves fashion and plans on becoming a designer. Her favorite car is a pink volkswagon beetle.

    ~Hi, this is Jordanna, and I approve this message.

  12. Well, obviously this is Shuranwduh Hastings. Sadly, she is 24 and is proud to have graduated Massage Therapy School last year. She enjoys going to all of the local college dances, because she "dances skreet (street) real good." Her "skreet' dancing involves movement that can only be described as physical mumbling, not quite making any distinct dance movements at all.
    She keeps the crimper around for special occasions, like going to Wal-Mart. Its way nicer than the Dollar General where she usually gets all of her "sweet threads," and store brand Dr. Pepper. (Dr. Thunder).
    She says when she grows up she wants to be a lawyer. No one is really sure how her massage therapy "degree" will get her there, but try to tell that to her, and you will find yourself confused in words like, "Oh no you di-in't!" and, "You listen here girl friend!"