Thursday, July 29, 2010

Michigan trip, part 1

Today Yesterday was Tyson's first day back at work after our Michigan vacation and I didn't realize how lonely I had been until he got home. I'm pretty sure he picked up on it after my 437th question about his day. Luckily I had a slight distraction from my loneliness by a diy project which could prove to be my greatest accomplishment.

Or a huge disaster.

Let's just say I've never actually used spray paint before.

Anyway, how about our Michigan trip, eh? So fun.

We only had to get up at 3 in the morning to head out which was really special. Logan was looking at us like we were crazy when we pulled him out of bed but he got excited as soon as he saw all the people at the airport. He loves people.
Not gonna lie, it was about this point when I started reminiscing about how easy it was to travel before we had a baby. Not that nursing for as long as possible in a hot, crowded, confined place isn't fun.

But on to better things. Our real reason for going to Michigan at this time.
My brother Adam (the one in the suit) returned from his two year LDS mission to Taiwan last Wednesday.

We wanted to surprise him at the airport so we had given excuses why we wouldn't be there in our last few emails. I felt totally guilty about it the second I hit send and the guilt was compounded when Adam gave me a hug and then exclaimed, "You lied to me!". Pretty sure he forgave us though. :)

Emily and I had worked for HOURS (or ok, maybe just the time it took to watch the bachelorette) on this sign and we had all these plans of hiding with it in the airport while we waited for Adam to get off the plane.

Well Adam's plane landed before we got to the airport so the sign stayed...

...rolled up in Emily's hand. D'oh!

I'm not sure which surprised him more, having all of us show up there, or being hugged by a girl.

He brought us all sorts of gifts like candy, paintings, and possibly a roach.
I scored one of these signs, which I love and Tyson got a tie.

We also got to hear "the things you don't tell your mom while you're on your mission because she can't do anything about it anyway" stories. They included near death experiences on bikes, trips to the hospital, and food poisoning which explains where those 15 pounds went. He warned us before we saw him not to be alarmed by how skinny he was.

We warned him not to be alarmed by Austin's hair.

J/K brother! You are handsome. We didn't warn him about anything because he didn't know we were gonna be there, right?

Anyway, it was so good to be there for his return and I have to say he adjusted to the 12 hour time change remarkably well. I probably would have slept for 3 days after all that travel and jet lag. All he did was take a 6 hour nap and then went to bed early for a couple days. Impressive.

Stay tuned for more on our trip!


  1. He IS skinny but looks great! How is he adjusting to "real" life? Can't wait for the next installment!

  2. Yay for the return missionary!!! You guys are the best. Good to have him home safe and sound. We need to plan a big ole family reunion sometime. It's been way too long!!

  3. Glad you made the trip safely and that Adam is home. What a wonderful reunion.

  4. Hooray for missionaries! Which mission in Taiwan? I have a brother there right now in Taipei and another who got back a year ago from.. um, okay so I can't actually spell it, but it sounds like Gou-Shung. Maybe they knew each other!