Thursday, July 1, 2010

He's my fungi

I hate buying embarrassing things at the grocery store.

Like today. When I had taken Logan to the doctor for his check up I pointed out a spot in his armpit where the skin seemed irritated. After examining it the doctor proclaimed it as a fungus and told me to get some lamisil from the store.

I know, my baby isn't quite perfect. I was shocked too.

So I went to the store to get it today. I was already feeling a little uncomfortable buying anti-fungal cream in the first place and that was only magnified when I realized they put the cream right where everyone was standing in line for prescriptions.

Oops, pardon me coming through, coming through...

Then I start looking through the boxes and of course they loudly proclaim ANTI-FUNGAL, ATHLETE'S FOOT CREME, and the best CURES JOCK ITCH. So I'm trying so hard to discreetly choose a box but of course I have Logan with me attracting attention no matter what I do and people insist on talking to us while I have a jock itch cream in my hand.


I finally grab it and walk away but then of course I have to look for other things to buy so I can hide it among other purchases. And you know for once, I can't think of anything else we need. So I just bought it.

This leads me to believe I need to open a store called "It's Not for Me" with all sorts of embarrassing personal items (enemas, adult diapers, hemorrhoid cream, and other things that you and I will never need) that can be purchased with no judgement. There will be an optional paper bag at the door that you can put on your head but remember, it's not for you so it's ok.

Am I just too immature to buy this stuff or does this happen to anyone else?


  1. i had to buy anti fungal for jonas' bum once....
    kill me!

  2. Self check out friend. It leaves you with some dignity.

  3. I love this post. I'll buy stock in your store; it's sure to be successful!

  4. OK Mari, that's freakin hilarious!!!

  5. How long did it take you to figure out how to spell "hemorrhoid"?
    One time my GF asked me to buy her some girl medicine, so I bought a bunch of candy bars and made a cabin for it. Thank goodness for self-check out!

  6. I had one of those experiences this week with Monostat --- Yep. I tried so hard to get a prescription but she told me, "Get Monostat"... And I should've gone to the grocery where I could've self checked but it was CVS (no self check and a creepy guy that always asks my kid if she wants candy). The way I figure it is, the guys not hot, what do I care???? However, I did go the the store once in college feeling super hormonal and "Flo" had just arrived and I had NOTHING to use. So I ran to the store wanting to grab and run - A huge bag of pads and a huge box of tampons... and this guy I had been on a blind date with come up and starts chatting with me... I had no cart - just a bunch of pads and tampons in my hands. For some reason I thought that picking up a pack of gum was going to distract him from the issue... AWKWARD! I know my face was bright red. ha ha

  7. I recently bought the exact same thing for my Emily's bum and I was dying. My sweet little girl doesn't have jock itch!!! But apparently she did, since the cream cleared her bum right up. :) Now Cory and I joke all the time that Emmie has jock itch. ha!