Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday with Kelsey (and Sadie)

This week for "craft day" we decided to go to the Portland Rose gardens. You may remember my visit from last year.
Makes my back hurt just thinking about it.

And here we are this year being blinded by the sun.
Considering that much of the time I was carrying Logan with one hand and pushing the stroller with the other hand... well, my back still hurts just thinking about it. Not everything changes after you have the baby.

It was so fun though because a) it was like 90 degrees which, after having 60 degree rainy days for so long, felt wonderful and b) the babies were so cute!
Sadie was so patient with him even as he tried to attack her ear. He's been a bit obsessed with ears lately as seen in a recent encounter with his friend Oliver.
Um, sorry Oliver.

Anyway, we had a great lunch in this little grassy area under a huge tree.
A tree that dropped bits of itself onto us every time the wind blew. And I swear they must have looked like cheerios to Logan because every time I turned around he was chewing on a piece of tree. He wouldn't eat the peas I brought, but crunchy tree parts? Oh yeah.

There were also spiders all over the place. Blech! I totally tried to con Kelsey into killing a huge one that was on my stroller but she wasn't having it. I had to be brave and do it myself.

After that we went to a place called Pudding on the Rice and seriously, I can't stop talking about it. If you've seen me in the last 24 hours, you've heard about Pudding on the Rice. I want to go back. We got some tart frozen yogurt with our rice pudding and even though Logan made a terrible face after every bite he just kept lapping it up.
I tried so hard to capture the face he made but I missed it every time. Just know you would have loved it.

Then, after that we spent more time in downtown Portland (why don't I hang out there more?) and visited Keller Fountain.
*Logan! Get outta my ear!*
There we go.

I seriously can't believe they let people play up in these fountains. If someone fell over the edge of those high ones... disaster for sure. But they were so fun to see and refreshing on such a hot day. Well, besides that Logan cried whenever I put his feet in the water.

But other than that it was a super fun day!


  1. I've played in those fountains more than once :-) I was more concerned with needles and condoms than I was falling over the edge.

    Isn't it amazing how much changes in a year?

  2. OH I love Portland! So just to check we have a free place to stay if I ever want to visit right? And Pudding on the Rice...mmmm! The owner was in my group in an econ class at BYU...great guy!

  3. Uh, yeah pudding on the rice? If only I had remembered that when we were there. Can we have a roommate reunion at your place?