Monday, August 2, 2010


My wildly entertaining account of our trip to Michigan is going to have to be put on pause because my latest project is just dying to be seen!

I think you're gonna like this one.

We got this table/cabinet (what is this called?) for free while we were living in Utah. Our neighbors were moving and were gonna throw it away but they offered it to us first. Well, we needed a place to put our cups while eating dinner in the living room and the thought of trashing such a beauty was just ridiculous, so there really was no choice. We took it as a temporary addition to our lives.

It was featured in many events in our lives, such as the great Easter egg hunt of 2008,

the Christmas where Adam reigned as king, (it's hiding shyly in the background on this one)

alien vs. crochet,

and it held my flowers after my miscarriage.

So I guess no one was really surprised when it showed up in Washington without being invited.

Temporary was becoming permanent.

Finally, after realizing that somewhere between new house and new baby, new furniture wasn't gonna happen, I decided it was time to make our hexagon work.

My mission was twofold.
1. Make it look better.
2. Stop putting random crap in there.
I'd been discovered one too many times when my secret stash of junk was displayed to the world by curious children.

It would be beautiful (or at least tolerable) and it would be useful. This was my decree!

So I sanded.

And sanded.

And somewhere around the back area I decided sanding was stupid and what was primer for if it didn't help me to sand less anyway.

So then I primed.

And forgot to take a picture.

Then I painted it black.

And in case you're wondering what Logan was doing all this time...

He was enjoying his cheerios in his stroller.

Actually, most of the time he was playing with my neighbor in our front yard, but for a few of the little touches he was in the garage with me.

Getting high off the fumes.

Not really.

I hope.

Anywho... heh heh heh, after painting it black I thought it needed a little something more. A little extra. A little... damask.

And so it became...

My eagerness to take a picture is evident in the fingerprints that I forgot to clean off after Tyson and I carried it, sweaty handed, back into the house. And I know it still looks pretty beat up (although it doesn't look quite that pock-marked in real life) but isn't it so much better!?

My decor could use a little work; do you love the baby monitor? We don't live in a magazine, people!

And the best part? Ok, second best after the damask.
It holds all the baby stuff! Will it stay in there all nice and neat? Of course not! But for now it works and it's appropriate for the babies to get into.



  1. I love it too!!! VERY pretty! I can't wait until I can start little projects like this for my own house. Someday.
    Love the pic of Adam. That's hilarious.
    Oh, and your new pic on the head of your blog is fabulous.

  2. I am so impressed!! I don't comment as much as I should, but you make me laugh out loud on nearly every post. You are hilarious and I love reading your blog!

  3. Can't wait to view it in person, it's a beaut!

  4. The table looks amazing! Right out of Pottery Barn! I wish I had your ambition, I've totally seen projects on the side of the road before!

    I just felt really old when I saw the pictures of RM Adam! I could not for the life of me recognize him!!!

  5. wow! good work mari! i was so sad when i realized that i will probably never get to see it in person and graham will never again pull out your neatly organized baby stuff...bah! i am totally in need of a craft day and bachelorette discussion. i miss you guys!

  6. I love it Mari, dang you are good!!!