Friday, July 16, 2010

10 random things

1. Logan looks at me and smiles whenever he sneezes because he knows it makes me laugh. He also does this when he toots. This obviously has nothing to do with me.

2. I made this tie onesie and I am way too proud of it. It wasn't even that hard to make but I love it!

3. I love this onesie so much, in fact, that I only let Logan wear it for a couple hours before he had a chance to stain it. Getting attached to baby clothes is not a good idea.

4. The three of us are going to Michigan on Monday to see my family, including my brother who is returning from his two-year LDS mission to Taiwan. Here we are on the day he left.
I can't wait!

5. I wonder what my neighbors think when I take pictures of my half naked baby on the front lawn.

6. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that they're jealous and not thinking that I'm crazy.

7. People at Wal-Mart have been way into my personal space since I had a baby. The other day a strange man was hiding behind me to play peek-a-boo with Logan. He was like 2 inches from the back of my head and all I could do was stand there smiling awkwardly while other patrons watched. Longest wait for a prescription ever.

8. Now that my bangs have grown out I think I want them again. Pictures like this make me think, cute! Give me bangs!
and then...
oh yeah.

9. I killed a fly with my bare hand the other day. It reminded me of when I used to work at Tucanos and we would have fly killing contests during the slow hours. I swear I killed like 60 one day. Or maybe it was 16. Either way, think about that next time you eat there.

10. Logan has turned into a bit of a biter. He bites his toys, my shoulder, clothes, fingers, my... Well, let's just say we may not be nursing as long as we originally thought. Ouch.


  1. When we hit the biting stage they were immediately removed. They learned quickly that if they wanted to eat more they couldn't bite me.

  2. Ooooh Mari! I love the tie! I must make one for Max. Instructions please! Can't wait to see you next week!

  3. My mom would say scream when they would bite you - it scares them so bad that they don't do it again. (Didn't work with Lydia, but she really grew out of it fast).
    Love the cute tie.

  4. Logan is so so cute. He has the perfect face. So cute, it's almost not possible.
    Must take after his mommy:)

    Nice work on the onesie!!!

  5. Andy is a biter too, bit his cousin so bad the other day it left marks. :-(

    He rarely ever does it though, thats the weird part.

    Best of luck! :-)

  6. I love the tie shirt! Although I don't have a boy munchkin I too want the instructions! What a fun gift. :)
    I also have to deal with the strangers in Wal-Mart! Today I was stopped at least a 1/2 dozen times by strangers who wanted to play with Brooke! Yikes! But at least you know your kid is cute?!

  7. I love the onesie tie! And lucky you that you do look good with bangs.