Saturday, June 13, 2009

Works in progress

Buying a new house and having a baby on the way has left me with an endless supply of projects. And seeing as I don't have a job or school to keep me busy I've begun work on just a few of the things I want to get done around here.

First was the downstairs half bathroom. Here's a sort of before shot for you. I always forget to take the before so this is after I started taping but you get the idea.
And here's the after!

I had gotten into the habit of checking at home depot every few days to see if they had any fun paint colors in the clearance section. Typically there is an assortment of beiges and whites which doesn't interest me at all so I got all excited and impulsive when I found this blue!

It was about halfway through this paint job that I remembered I don't even like this color.

That was also around the same time that I was painting underneath the toilet. Pregnant belly + crawling under the potty = cranky lady.

But I did finish the job and the paint only cost me 5 bucks! Now I just need to find some stuff to put on the shelves...

In spite of my distaste for painting that bathroom I was super-dee-duper excited to paint the baby's room.

Once again I forgot a formal before shot so here's one of the room from Easter.
I started with a light blue...
And then I put stripes on one wall!
I'm pretty much ready to become a professional painter. I love it! These stripes make me think of baseball and Tyson think of Great Britain. All good things, right? Either way it looks like a definite room for a boy. Now we just need a few minor details like a crib, dresser, and baby to make this room complete.

And for my last unfinished project...
A baby blanket!
It's a little wrinkled from being stuffed gently folded into a bag for the last 3 days.
I've decided it's time to try my hand at sewing. It's going... mostly well with enough mistakes to make it a one of a kind, homemade, extra special piece :)
Mommy loves you son!!!
(You'd better really be a boy...) The back has stripes.
Kinda like the wall in his room.
Are you seeing my inspiration?? Eh? EH!?
I think things are gonna all work out around here.


  1. I LOVE THE WALL!! How cute is that? Can't wait to see it in person. Love, Gma :-)

  2. I LOVE the stripes on the wall! It looks so fun. Way to go!

  3. Totally cute! Now I need to quit my job so I can do all my endless projects :)

  4. i dream of the day when i can paint walls....

    all your projects look good! can't wait to see them in person in 1 week!

  5. I love the colors you picked for the baby's room! So cute! Your little boy will LOVE seeing the contrast on the walls!
    The baby blanket is so creative too! He will be here before you know it ;)
    Hope all is going well!

  6. You go girl. Nice paint job(s)!!!

  7. I love blue. All blue. The bathroom looks cute and the wall in the baby's room is INCREDIBLE!

  8. you are awesome.
    nice work on the stripes. they look perfect and straight, professional indeed.

  9. Oh my goodness I LOVE that wall! You have totally inspired me for when I have a house and another new baby. I'll call you up and find out how you did it when the time comes:)

  10. holy cow you went to town, girl! Well done... and yes, baseball and GB are both fantastic.

    keep these coming!

  11. CUTE!!! Your son has one talented mama.

  12. The rooms look gorgeous especially the boy's room. Good going!

  13. Mar, I enjoy the color choice in your bathroom, it looks beautiful! And props to you for being so freakin ambitious whilst pregnant! I was not. I used my pregnancy as an excuse for me NOT to paint!

    You are very talented in ALL that you do, and you, as always, make me laugh.
    Love you and your little belly!

  14. Wow!! You are one motivated lady!! How did you make the strips so straight!!?? Love all your projects.

  15. Goodness I envy your time. Great work! Complete as much as possible BEFORE baby me. ;)

  16. Damn girl! You're amazing!! Seriously, I give you some wicked props! Who knew you were so good at that! oh, and I do like the bathroom color ;) Now, give you belly a break and stop painting!

  17. Impressive indeed! You've done a great job on all your latest projects! I love the paint colors you have done and I love how it changes the look of a room. And holy smokes I can't believe you did those stripes in the baby's room all on your own. That would take alot of time and patience I am sure. Looks great!

  18. Hmm... I was just reading and thinking, I love that blue with the countertop and then saw that you hated the color! I think it looks fantastic and the baby's room is adorable! So excited!!!! :)

  19. Mari, you are the creative one! Love the baby's room!!!

  20. I am so happy for you, having a baby boy! I remember chatting all through relief society about how we wanted babies but weren't getting them and then I got my miracle girl and now you get your miracle boy! Oh, and I hated painting with a prego belly. It's the worst. I'm proud of you for going through with it on 2 whole rooms! Nice!

  21. Yay! I didnt know you guys had a blog! The baby's room looks great!

  22. How adorable. I love the wall. It makes me wish I lived somewhere I was alowed to paint. My kids room looks soooo dull now. Not fair. And good job with the sewing. Like it! You're right though... better be a boy!