Thursday, March 25, 2010


Oh my gosh, seriously. I have been trying so hard to write something even remotely interesting and/or clever for the blog and it's just not happening. I'm stuck. I keep hoping that something totally weird and interesting will happen to me so I can get a jump start but, um, it's not happening.


Good news, I finished painting the front room! We call it the green room now; it makes me feel fancy.

Nice, right? I love it. Now I just need a piano and some furniture that matches.

I also found this fabric that I want to use in here and it only cost me about $1.50 for almost a full yard.
So fun!
Now... what should I do with it? I have a few ideas but I keep changing my mind.

In other news our little goober is learning how to sit up on his own.
Triple chin!
This is the look I get whenever I do something he doesn't expect. Like gaffaw at his goofy little face.
He is 6 months today, such a big boy! His dr. appointment is tomorrow so we'll have some stats then.

Well, I'm gonna end this post now before you quit reading... unless you already have.


  1. We had a North Room when I was a kid. Now you have a green room. Yours is prettier!

  2. It is so funny to see how different all our babies are. Andrew is on his hands and needs rocking back and fourth. Your little guy is sitting up and Cardon has a tooth! They are growing up so fast!

  3. I LOVE your posts. You could make a pillow out of your fabric. If you had more, you could make a valance. Love the green!

  4. Love the Green Room. It's a sophisticated color.