Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fastest 6 months ever!

Guess what! Logan is old enough now that he pulls his own band-aids off after the vaccines. Of course two seconds after he got one off it was in his mouth which not only grossed me out but also added an element of danger to the whole business. His stats were quite average;

Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz - 40%
Height: 26 1/4 in - 50%
Head: 17 1/4 in - 50%

and we determined he is probably allergic to amoxicillin judging from his reaction to it... I don't think I've told you that story. Next time.

He is such a happy little roly poly ball of love. I'm pretty sure Tyson and I could sit and watch him all day long. He's recently acquired a little fake cough that he uses to test out the acoustics of a space. His favorite places to cough? Into an empty cup, or the bathtub.

So, in my eyes Logan is pretty much perfect meaning that no matter what people say about him, I hear it as a compliment. For example:

Stranger: "Wow, he has such big blue eyes!"
I hear: "Wow, he is so beautiful!"
Stranger: "Well isn't he just a little Gerber baby?"
I hear: "He should be a model!"
Stranger: "Your baby hasn't blinked in like two minutes."
I hear: "Your baby is clever and a genius."

The benefit to this, as far as I can tell, is that as long as you profess wonder and awe to a mother she will assume you are complimenting her baby. Remember this next time you see a baby that is, um, not cute.


  1. I can't believe how big he is!! So cute and growing too fast! Hope you have a fun Easter!

  2. Mari- I totally had the same experience with Noah at his 6 month checkup... with the band aids that is. We got about 2 blocks away from the pediatrician's office when I looked in the rear view mirror and realized something was in his mouth (the band aid of course). I had to pull over so he wouldn't choke on it.

  3. he is incredibly handsome! what do you hear when i say that?

  4. Wow, that six months went by quick! He is totally a gerber baby. I love his little cheeks and big eyes.

  5. He is so cute. 6 months is the best-- but then it only seems to get better. You reminded me I need to take Mason in for her check up.