Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm the stinky cheese man!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your eyes.

For we have had total success in the bath department. Along with your wonderful suggestions, I found something that helps Logan be happy and content while I bathe him.

Singing primary songs.

I discovered he loves primary songs a few days ago when he was being just a tad fussy. I got him to take a pacifier and started singing. He spit that paci out and started grinning and cooing at me. I sang every song I knew, some of them twice before he needed the paci back and went to sleep.

So that's what I did during his bath.

*sidenote* I'm watching biggest loser right now and has anyone noticed that Jillian Michaels runs like an awkward person? I would not imitate her style if I was you.

Anyway, I sang him those songs and he was so content he let me wash the lint out of his toes and the stinky cheese out of his neck rolls.


My child is perfect and smells like roses and don't you forget it.

In addition to the bath my own faucets started running and leaked all the way through my shirt and my jeans before I even noticed. Apparently I had pulled my legs up to my chest at some point or something. Who knows? My worst fear right now is that it's going to happen while I'm in public and totally embarrass me. Like when I'm conducting the music in church or wandering around the grocery store or something. Especially since I don't seem to notice until there is enough milk to feed my child on the front of my shirt.

And I do wear pads in case you were wondering.

The flow overpowers all.

Do boys read this blog?

If you are boy reading this blog and you feel awkward right now, I'm sorry.

Just think of how I feel with liquids gushing out of my body at inopportune times.

Would you like me to end this entry with a picture of my lovely totally non-stinky child?

My pleasure.


  1. A sense of humor is essential when having small children around. Have fun.

  2. Ha! That's funny.

    I had a friend who was at Walmart. She noticed that she had begun to leak. She glanced down at the two expanding wet spots and thought that she could just go over to the ladies' department and find a $5 shirt. Then she decided she was too poor to do that, so she continued her shopping with her head held high, making eye contact with everyone, determined not to be embarrassed by it.

    I've never loved her more than when she told me that story.

    So there you go--if it happens to you, just embrace the awkwardness! If nothing else, it would make a great blog post later...

  3. you're the best. i love your blog.

  4. Oh, the joys of nursing! I produced like, BUCKETS of milk every day while I was breastfeeding Ty. Once he started sleeping through the night, I had to sleep with washcloths or handtowels in my bra in addition to the nursing pads so as not to soak the bed. Sorry, maybe that's a bit TMI! But, if it makes you feel any better, the second time around, it hasn't been like that at all. Better luck next time??!!

  5. Oh, and my kids love the primary songs, too. GREAT way to get them calmed down when they are little. In fact, last Christmas, we bought the Primary songbook CDs from the Distribution Center (like $5 or $6) and we listen to them in the car almost nonstop. Ty, who is not quite 2 1/2, knows almost all of the songs in the primary songbook now, even the ones NOBODY knows like "I have a Family Tree" and "The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden." It's a great investment--I would totally recommend it!

  6. Every time I would leak through my clothes after I had Kate (somehow it never happened with the second one!) whoever I was with would think for a moment and then gently advise, "You know they make these pads you can wear in your bra..." NOT JOKING - EVERY TIME!!! Really??? What a genius idea! I should get right on that. Can't believe I didn't think of it myself.

  7. i used to sing that oldies song "splish splash" to reggie while he was in the tub, but i pretty much made up my own words since i have no clue what they really are. it worked.

    i don't remember ever leaking in public, but my goodness there were times when reggie would sleep through i feeding and i'd wake up totally drenched in a not refreshing way.

  8. I hope several boys read this blog and that they all awkward.

    I don't know why I hope that. I just do. *Shrug*

    You're great, and you made me giggle.

  9. Love that, that was my biggest fear too. Sure did happen to me at the grocery store one time. Good times.

  10. I love that I can always count on a good laugh when I read your blog. thanks for being so funny! :)

  11. Great post today! :) By the way, FYI, if you haven't tried the Lansinoh pads yet, try them. They soak up TONS!! :)