Monday, November 23, 2009

Advice, anyone?

I was mid hallelujah/celebratory dance upon finding that an old pair of jeans fit (and by fit I mean zipped) when the button popped off. While the oldness of the jeans may have contributed to the button being loose, let's be honest, it had help.


It would seem that my vigorous regiment of breast feeding and eating leftover Halloween candy has taken me as far as I can go. It's time to get serious, folks.

Therein lies the dilemma. How do you work out with a kid at home? Ideally I would like to run. Somehow. So there are a few options; (1) run when Tyson gets home, (2) run with a jogging stroller, (3) get up early and run before Tyson leaves in the morning.

I would like to point out the flaws in each of these.

When Tyson gets home it is dark. And cold. But I'm not afraid of the cold. Or the dark but it does seem rather dangerous and Tyson doesn't want me doing it anyway. Strike one.

I don't have a running stroller which is a major flaw in plan 2 and with the thousands of dollars in medical bills that we are receiving each day (remind me to not have the next kid near Christmas) it doesn't seem wise to make extra purchases. Although now that I'm thinking of Christmas I suppose I could ask for a stroller but I just need so many other things (read: PANTS). Plus, from what I've read kids aren't supposed to be in those until they're 6 months old anyway. Strike two.

According to the wise words of Tyson his opinion on plan 3 is, "Do you really need to be more sleep deprived than you already are at this point in your life?"


Strike 3.

Pass the Halloween candy.

But seriously, what should I do? I'm highly considering getting some workout videos so I can just stay inside but they can get so boring. Am I wrong? Then I suppose I could get a gym membership somewhere with a day care, but Logan is just so young for that! Or I could use the gym after Tyson gets home...

Help me.


  1. i get up and go in the morning before ryan leaves. this is the best option for me because i am more energetic in the morning and more dead in the evening. it works for several reasons:

    1. it starts my day off good. i got something done, i did it for myself, i had quiet time where i sorted out thoughts, thought thoughts and planned the day a little.

    2. it got it out of the way so i didn't have to worry about it or nag myself about it for the rest of the day. i procrastinate far too well to work out any other time.

    3. it gives you energy. so yeah, you're a bit more sleep deprived, but only thirty minutes more, but the skinniness that you will feel followed by the natural energy boosting exercise does for you means that it'l all balance out again.

    you can do it! you can do it! yay you!

  2. ugh. the battle begins for you.
    my diet was breastfeed and eat lots of ice cream so i am of NO help there.

  3. We just bought a used elliptical off craigslist to solve this very problem. It has been perfect for both Kyle and I to use either during Ella's naps or after she goes to bed.

    We got our for $150, it even folds up to save space, and it was totally worth it!

  4. I am ALL for option three. I think Miriam was spot-on. Right after McKay was born (like two weeks later) I decided I really wanted to get back into shape and so I got up at 6 in the morning and ran every day. Yeah, you miss out on some sleep, but it is so worth it. The nice thing is, you could probably even nap when Logan does later in the day. Good luck!

  5. alright, here's what i did (emphasis on did cuz i don't do it anymore!). i slept my little fanny in until reggie needed to eat/get up for the day. then i fed him, fed myself a little something, and then popped in one of my many dvds of "the firm" for a half hour while he sat around in his bouncy chair and later his exersaucer. then i would try to go out for a "brisk" walk later in the afternoon to get some outside time and fresh air. it kept me sane, kind of fit, and i think reggie enjoyed watching me make a fool of myself every morning in front of the tv. :)

  6. My best advice is: Ask your Dad. There are all sorts of exercises that you can do on the floor with Logan right next to you. You can even do it to music! Or watch something on the TV to keep your mind off the muscles. Good luck.

  7. We have an xbox and Chris bought me this game called yourself fitness. It has a 'training' where it sees how long you can certain exercises or how many you can do, then it plans a workout for you. It is so cool. I can pick a different type of workout or a focus (abs, buns, thighs etc). It makes goals for you and even recipes! If you have any sort of gaming system I would see if you can 'ask Santa' for a workout game - that is if you have some sort of system.

  8. These lady's are crazy! Loose more sleep then you already are!
    Anyways- you can put your little guy in a jogger just fine if you get one that lies all the way back. No problemo. I did this with Ben and Miles from the time they were about a month old. Bundle them up and get a jogger that can have a rain cover on it. Most joggers have the ability to either buy a rain/wind cover with it or seperately for about $20. Jogging/walking with the boys has been key to my success in loosing the baby weight and toning back up. The other good thing is that it keeps you out of the mall. It's tempting to just walk the mall with your little guy, but even more hard to keep on a budget while doing this. So really you are saving money for buying a jogger:) But I would seriously price compare and review compare on I have found the best advice on here and the most competitive pricing. Just so you know I bought a Schwinn double jogger. It was in the middle price range and is freakin awesome! I love it! If you do decide to get a jogger, call me, I can give you tons more advice! Please feel free to learn from all of my mistakes!

  9. Work out videos? That's what I try to do... then run on weekends.

  10. You can use my P90X videos and equipment. They are just collecting dust right now. I enjoyed the program and felt that they were of benefit.

  11. I did workout videos during Siena's nap time until she was old enough to go to the gym day care and I bought a jogging stroller that doubles as a regular stroller (The Bob) so I could clip her carseat in and go while scott was at work!! It worked for me, but I agree that you really don't need to be any more sleep deprived than newborns make you anyway!!!! Hope this helps!

  12. I love my jogging stroller. Lucy fit in hers at about 3 months- but i also have a car seat adapter in mine. I have the bob revolution. Best money you will ever spend. i also have work out videos too. This battle unfortunately will never end. I think pretty much you are almost at a loss until you can go on a diet- aka the end of breastfeeding.

  13. I can't believe one of your options wasn't "Go to my cool SIL's house, run on her treadmill and take advantage of free childcare". Seriously, I know it's a bit of a drive, but I'd love to have you.

  14. We have a treadmill in the basement, so I'm planning on just letting her hang out in her car seat while I hit the mill. Have I actually done it yet? Well, no. Like you said, time to get serious.

  15. My advice? It's the holidays. Be fat & happy until the new year. At least that is MY plan. :D

    Actually honestly I wait until my babes can go to the gym day care. My bigger kids have fun there, I can get out & AWAY & actually finish my workout (usually doesn't happen w/ videos) and I get to hang out with other adults. Always a plus. The classes are fun & keep me motivated. Sooo I'll be waiting another month & then come Jan 1st I'll be at the gym...I hope.

    Disclaimer: Absolutely NOT implying that you are fat. :)

  16. Wow-It is so crazy, Eric and I had this EXACT conversation the other day. I tried the day care/gym option at the beginning of November. Granted Brooke is almost 9 months, but she got SO sick. So I cancelled my membership. I told Eric I was going to run every morning this weekend and then I am pretty much done for because the only time I can ever work out is when he has a break. So basically my body is going to whither away and die soon. No seriously though, it is sooooo tough....and it never ends. PS I hate workout videos, except Mari Windsor Pilates. She is great, but it is way expensive. You can find it online:)

  17. Honestly, I'll tell you how I lost my baby weight. I have an elliptical, so that was a HUGE bonus. So I would do that a few times a week. But I also rotated between Balance Ball, Yoga, Pilates, and Bosu DVDs. (I totally LOVE the Bosu). And I just worked out while he was taking his morning nap. Also I quit eating anything after 8:00 pm besides water. And I stopped snacking on stuff unless my body told me I was hungry (sounds obvious, but difficult). Easy stuff but it made a huge difference since I hadn't worked out regularily for over a year.

  18. I agree with your Mariam friend. It's killer to get up early in the morning, but is the best option, I think. although if you invest in the jogger it will give you a little more freedom on when to go. But if you need an amazing sports bra because you're nursing go to they are totally awesome and so worth the money, because they work! And that's saying something coming from me! :)

  19. you can run just fine with the stroller you have. it's not ideal, but it will work.

    do a video in the comfort of your own home.

    go in the dark (I used to run at 6am in the fall in UT; still dark when I got home an hour later).

  20. Since you got a billion responses and I didn't read them all, I hope Im not being redundant by saying the following.
    I took Jack for hour long walks everyday. I was bored out of my mind, so the walks were nice. I would walk up hills as much as possible, and we would walk to local stores and such.
    Also, I bought a few work out videos, resistance bands, yoga balls, and did all I could while he slept.
    I recently started doing P90X (three times), and it kicks my butt. Its AWESOME!!!!
    But it is so much harder to work out with a child. I suck at it now.
    Good luck. Oh, also, I held on to about 5lbs or so until I stopped breastfeeding, which, I heard is normal.

  21. Oh, and I agree with the experts who say not to plop your infant in a jogger. Unless it has the removable car seat thing.
    Also, if you are going to run in the dark am or pm, run with pepper spray!

  22. Whoa whoa whoa! HOW old is this baby? Look, I know it's not fun to feel fat, but it took your body 9 months to get as big as it did--you need to give it time to get back. Pants-wise, the shape of your body may have PERMANENTLY CHANGED. There is no reason to feel bad about not fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans. Your hips and pelvis had a whole BABY go through them, for crying out loud. Cut yourself some slack. My vote goes to just taking walks with the baby in a stroller. It's nice low-impact exercise, you can do it during the day, and it's great for stimulating Logan's brain and eyes. Being a mommy is stressful enough without worrying about your weight--just aim to be healthy!

  23. I got a gym pass and when Vern got home from work I had "me time". SOOO needed. I've tried the jogging stoller thing... Might work when they're little. SO doesn't work now. Calli keeps telling me to "stop" or "Mom! I have something to tell you". DRIVES ME nuts. I lost it all at the gym. Hour every night. It was AWESOME to get out of the house and there's a variety ;) GOOD LUCK!