Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overdue: Day 3

So my dr visit was... not that encouraging.

Dilated to a 1.5, 65% effaced.

Basically no change from last week although he did sound more positive than last time. And he stripped my membranes again. It hurt worse.

I go back on Monday and if I make it to that appointment we're gonna talk an induction soon after. Hopefully I have this baby before Monday although I have talked to several people who've had positive induction experiences. I would just prefer this to start naturally if possible.

But then again, if the doc wanted to induce today... I wouldn't say no.

Doc also told me that my baby felt like an average size. Not too big, not too small. That sounds perfect to me :)

In other news, my mom is here, yay! We're just pretending that she's here for a pleasure trip and if the baby happens to come, great. Although since she's staying til Oct 10 he'd better come while she's here or we're all in trouble. But in the meantime we're just enjoying ourselves.

And you may have noticed that one of my tickers is gone. Since the countdown was counting back up I decided it needed to be eliminated, stat. I don't need something telling me that I have more days until the baby comes!

'Til next time!

p.s. I hope he comes soon otherwise these posts are gonna get real boring. I'm running out of things to say!


  1. My suggestion: GO GET A PREGNANT- LADY MASSAGE!!! SERIOUSLY! It is so worth it! Plus, it put me into labor. And, if anything, it will help with the stress... Oh, and I just so you know, due dates can be off a tad (I know that doesn't help), so the little guy should come when he is ready - So #1. Pregnant Massage #2 Chiropractor (only if you do that sort of thing--helps me relax and get all aligned) #3. go hike the "Y" ;) #4 Relax, relax, relax ... you're going to be great! Push him out, push him out, waaaay out!!!! Good Luck and who cares... eat all the crap (sugar) you want for dinner ;) You deserve it!

  2. hang in there! Once I was a few days overdue I was SUPER productive and got a ton of things done that I wouldn't have otherwise. Lots of crafts and such.

    Have so much fun with your mom!

    ps. you are already doing better than I did- when I went to be induced I was at a .5 and 50% effaced. So you can feel pretty confident that you won't make it to day 10 overdue like I did :)

    And thanks for posting! If you don't post we'll just assume you are MIA because you are at the hospital :)

  3. Hey Mari! This is Kristen Vibber. I should probably tell you that I've been reading your blog...I hope you don't mind. I found it from Steph's blog. I've been telling myself that since it's not private you wouldn't mind. :) I've actually been reading it for a while now, that sounds really stalkerish. But I love it, and I am so excited for you! Just wanted you to know :)

  4. You are so cute. Have sex while you can. =)

  5. Sorry Mari! HOnestly though, I was induced with Rees and it was a.w.s.o.m.e. I had crepes for breakfast, took a shower and did my hair and makeup, and sauntered into the hospital at my leisure. While there I watched Friends and played cards. So think happy thoughts if you have to go that route (but I still hope the baby comes sooner for your sake!)

  6. K, Mari, seriously...not to be gross/TMI, but you should definitely do that thing that I posted on your Facebook status the other day. When I was ready for my kiddos to come *that* is what did it. We were watching the monitors and everything, and it works. We even talked to the doc about it later, and he confirmed that it releases oxytocin, progressing your labor. You won't be sorry! ;) BTW--love your guts! You're gonna be a great, cutie-patootie momma!

  7. Haven't seen an Overdue : Day 4 or and Overdue: Day I'm hoping you're no longer over due.

    Anxiously awaiting a new baby post!