Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Overdue: Day 2

Sorry for being such a Debbie Downer yesterday. Let's blame that on the hormones, k?

I came out of my funk yesterday afternoon and even had Tyson take pics of my bare belly so I wouldn't forget what it was like. The pics are for me and won't be appearing on the blog. I know you're sad about that one.

But yeah, I had a bunch of errands to run yesterday and I ran into the nicest people the whole time. Strangers have been talking to me about my pregnancy since I started showing - day 5 or so - and yesterday was no different. However, the people I saw yesterday just seemed to have so much love for me, especially when they realized I was overdue. It was amazing.

The old lady who asked me how much weight I had gained didn't even bother me because her intent really was to give me a complement on how good I looked. It just came off a little wrong, especially since I've gained 40 lbs (heh). I seriously think that Heavenly Father put those people in my path to help me out since he knew I was having a rough go of it.

I will admit that I punished my body for letting me go overdue by having a chocolate extreme blizzard for dinner yesterday. It was the best dinner ever and I didn't regret a moment of it, even during the resulting heartburn. Splurging is totally deserved at this point I think.

Well, I'm seeing the doctor this morning; I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully there is some good news coming my way!


  1. I'm sad today too. My baby boy left on his mission. Good luck with EVERYTHING!! You're going to see your mama soon too!

  2. So, according to your babystrology thingie you have 2 days to go. I vote for the doctor having figured your day wrong!

    I'm glad your mom is coming. Baby is waiting for gma!!

  3. UGH! What did you find out at the Dr? Did he strip your membranes? I think you look great by the way. I gained 60 lb when I was pregnant!

  4. dude, i was just looking at your pics a couple of posts ago and seriously??... you are ALLLLL baby, my friend. just remembering how tiny you are... i honestly don't know how you are going to get that boy out! ha! but really... you will be fine and no matter how your lovely creation enters the world and it'll be so worth it! i can't wait to see the little guy! post them postpartum pics fast! (ooo, try saying THAT 5 times fast)