Monday, September 21, 2009

Our little miracle...

Has not yet arrived.
Yep, today is the day. The day I've been waiting for. The day I've been counting down to for 9 months. The day of reckoning.
And I got nuthin'.
Guess that's why they call them estimated due dates.
I had actually been feeling pretty good until this weekend. I had reached a state of zen pregnancy where I was enjoying myself, loving feeling the baby move, and just embracing my body in general. Then something happened and now everything hurts. I seriously feel like I've been riding a horse for three days. Bareback. At a trot.
And something happened to my joints that makes me feel like I have arthritis.
Anyway, I figure I'll keep you updated on what's going on here with frequent posts because the only thing harder than waiting for your own baby is waiting for your friend's. Ha ha, not! I do appreciate that everyone cares about me and is interested in my welfare though.
And of course everyone wants to be the first to see the most beautiful baby born ever!


  1. the aches and the arthritis mean you are almost ready:)

  2. Oh my heck. I saw the title of your post and seriously gasped. You punk! Just kiddin'. Hope that little boy comes sooner than later. With genes like his, I'm sure he will be very cute.

  3. Good luck! (But don't to anything too drastic to get him here sooner)

  4. poor you. this is worst part (yeah, even worse than labor). good luck! happy waiting!

  5. Oh Mari, I've been wondering all weekend if anything had "gone down" so to speak. I'm loving the up-dates. Good luck with everything!

  6. I totally thought you had your baby from the title of the post. DARN! I can't wait. I want to hear ALL about it. Good luck with the waiting game. I keep telling myself that I will be late so that I wont be let down when my due date comes and goes. Keep us all updated.

  7. You had me fooled, you stinker!! I'm sorry he's not here yet. Hopefully he'll be here soon and good luck!!

  8. I thought you had had your baby by your title! Silly you. My baby was 5 days late. Just give up and maybe he will come. Haha...

  9. First baby's are typically born a little late. Trust me... after it happens, there will be a big part of you that will wonder what you got yourself into...and there's NO GOING BACK!