Monday, August 31, 2009

Pregnancy is hot

So although I will be the first to admit that I am totally a goddess of fertility and grace, there are some things that are just not... sexy about pregnancy.
Like the snoring, for example. Luckily, Tyson has invested in several pairs of earplugs which have enabled him to sleep through the night and not hate me each morning.
Then there's the drool.
The last time I remember having a serious drool problem was during those awkward years of orthodontia intervention where the condition of my mouth was out of my control. It was just another side effect to be endured for a beautiful smile.
Clearly a life of side effects is my fate.
The other night I dozed off while reading and woke up to a smear of drool on my cheek. Nothing major, just a bit of dampness really. So, since I was awake anyway, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was walking I felt a coolness on my neck. I rubbed it with my hand to discover that I had not just drooled on my cheek, it had actually run down my chin and neck all the way to my chest! I needed to use a towel to clean myself off before I could go back to bed.
And my pillow? Well, let's just say I casually flipped it over and snuggled back down for the night. I figure that a little (or a lot) of drool will be the least of my worries as far as bodily fluids are concerned in the next month or so.
Besides the snoring and the drooling we've been up to some other fun things lately. A couple Saturdays ago Tyson and I decided that we wanted to bike an 8 mile trail so we went out and did it!
Here I am at the beginning of our trek, getting ready to go. It was a sunny day.
Here we are at halfway through. This was after a climb up a big hill and I used the excuse of taking a picture so I could get a little extra rest in :)
And we made it! After we took this picture a lady told me I was her hero for the day.
Here's my love at the end of the trip. The view is really quite nice at the end of the trail.
A nice stranger offered to take our picture here.
I'm thinking I should have taken off the helmet? Oh well.
And yeah, that's Tyson's shirt that I'm barely squeezing into.


  1. Can I just say that I love reading about you being pregnant? Its so fun! I hope everything continues to go well!

  2. I love reading your blog! Its so funny! I hope everything keeps going well!

  3. you look beautiful! Not much longer and you'll have a lil guy strapped to your bike!

  4. Oh, Mari! Pregnancy is the pits, that's the only thing I can say! You are SO close, though, and your cute little man will be so worth all the trouble he is causing you now! Have you picked out a name (or at least narrowed it down) yet?

  5. Whatever Mari, you make that belly look good!

  6. You are so clever with your writing! Very humorous and a fun read. Props for riding that far with such a big tummy!

  7. Well as long as Tyson doesn't wear the earplugs when the baby is screaming in the middle of the night :-) And 8 miles! Girl you should be everybodys hero.

  8. You are my hero for riding a bike at 9 months of pregnancy!! (I didn't tell you but I belly danced at 6 months of pregnancy-oooooo)

  9. How did I miss this post? Your belly is so cute! I cannot believe you've been out cycling so far along in your pregnancy...I used every excuse I could to not exercise while I was pregnant. Good for you!

  10. Oh, the drooling! I've been a drooler all my life, but nothing compared to pregnancy drool. My pillow flipped multiple times each night. You look incredible and I am so excited for you and your family. Good luck in these final weeks!