Saturday, August 8, 2009

So fun!!

Baaaaah! I had my baby shower! And it was the best.
After playing a quick game, can you guess what we did?
Crafts of course!

We decorated onesies! There was an iron on station and painting and stamps and stencils and everyone did such a great job. I thought they all turned out super cute.

There was lots of delicious cheesecake...

and of course, presents!!

I think we can all agree that anything miniaturized is stinkin' adorable! I liked this bag. A lot.

I'll spare you from seeing everything that I got, but just know that he is pretty much going to be the cutest dressed baby ever. And I'll say that after getting 35 onesies/sleepers in the course of 20 minutes (plus the ones I bought myself before the shower) he probably won't be going naked anytime soon.
Unless I decide he looks cute that way :)

Speaking of looking naked, you may be noticing that I'm having a red carpet moment here where my shirt was definitely not see through in the mirror but with the flash of the camera suddenly became so.
And so it goes.
Special thanks to Mom in law and Becky for the shower!


  1. I am sooooo stinkin mad at myself! I got the dates totally mixed up with your shower and a wedding reception I have next week. I am SO SAD that I was not there. I LOVE to decorate onesies, though it may have turned out on the girlie side! LOL I hope you have a great time.

    btw, WHAT?! You are in the YW presidency?! Maybe I should attend church once in a while to find these things out. I am laurel advisor =D

  2. Looks like a great shower! Now you are ready for that baby to come. I just realized on your baby counter how close to my b-day your baby is due. Shoot for the 23rd and I'll never forget his birthday, ever, it will be the same day as mine! That is only 2 days over due, not bad! :)

  3. Oh how fun. Wish I could have been there. Mines probably going to be a ward...all my friends have moved...ah, what do you do. You are getting so close!

  4. I'm totally loving the Nike Shox! What a perfect gift for a handsome little boy. :)

  5. What a flippin awesome shower! That is probably the funnest (yes, I'm using it as a real word) idea for a baby shower I've ever heard of. You look awesome and looks like you got some great stuff. Nice work on the purses you made, they are so cute. You are incredible. I am in YW too and I LOVE it! I can sooo be myself and don't have to act mature or anything. It's great! Good luck with the last stretch.