Monday, August 3, 2009

I am a bad mother Vol. 1 (cause at this rate there's bound to be more)

Well, I'm pretty sure that my sweet little fetus child has already been traumatized by me. They are little things, but I still feel guilty. Case in point:
I was driving in the car listening to the radio when I was suddenly overcome by the music and burst out into my own blasting rendition of "poker face" (probably). This loving lullaby was not received well by my babe who bounced my whole stomach as he jerked awake. And... I kinda thought that it was funny. Shameful.
I read a little while ago that the baby could see light through my belly so I decided to test it out. Our computer mouse has a light on the bottom of it so I put it on my bare belly and moved it around. For a second the baby started moving slowly and then when I got close to where I thought his head was he FREAKED OUT!!!! Tyson and I both watched my tummy ripple and jump around while we freaked out and when he calmed down I felt really bad. Like I had broken his trust in me or something. He knows I blinded him!
Sadly I did the same thing on accident a couple weeks later when I used my belly as a mouse pad. It wasn't as bad cause I had a shirt over my stomach but it took me several minutes to figure out why he was wiggling around so much.
I assume he'll forget any of this ever happened.
Well, here's some stuff I've been up to lately.
I made (with Tyson's help) 180 of these little purses for a class I taught at activity day camp. This picture only shows about half of them. After 30 I was wondering if this was not such a good idea, after 90 I was positive, after 120 I never wanted to touch paper again, and after 180 carpal tunnel set in.
I'll probably make more for Young Women's.
Speaking of Young Women's, I just got called as 1st counselor in the presidency. Should be fun!

In other craftiness I've been turning these...

Into these!

So cute! So fun! So much love for the modge podge!
Tyson and I have spent time together being goofs.
I'm just glad you can't see the strain on his face from me sitting on his lap.

I can't figure out why people keep telling me I look like I should be giving birth tomorrow.

Although it may have something to do with me resorting to Tyson's clothes the past few days.


  1. I totally want to take a flashlight to my tummy but Devin won't let me. I made the mistake of telling him how light isn't good for preemies. But you know everyone tries it. Still looking good, btw.

  2. Children are always traumatized by parents. That's a fact of life.

  3. holy craftiness, woman! You are like the craft queen! Keep these beauties coming...

    I love your belly :)

  4. How do you make those little purses? I'd love to learn! Once, when I was pregnant, I was using my stomach as a table for dinner and put a hot plate on it (my tummy), Cami didn't like that at all and kicked it off. Food went everywhere. I sure learned my lesson.

  5. I totally want to make a paper purse!! Although, if I made 180 of them I wouldn't want to look at paper again either. Kudos to you for that!!

  6. Gotta love wearing the hubby's clothes. the last two or so months they are the only clothes that fit anymore!

  7. lol, I never knew that about the light! I'm definitely going to try it with the next pregnancy! Did you just make those boxes with scrapbooking paper, or is it fabric? You are so crafty!

  8. My random comments:

    Gee thanks, now I'm going to have that song-pa-pa-pa-poker face in my head the rest of the day.

    Love the craftiness-'specially the boxes!

    Someone once told me that God gives you the last month of pregnancy so you'll do ANYTHING to get that baby out.....hang in there!

    Ditto on what GGMA said-

  9. So good to hear from you! How are things? Other than being PG - When are you due? Fun to read your blog - I will be sure to add it to my list of blogs. Life is good for us here. We have grandbaby #7 due in a few days and twin boys #8 & 9due the end of Sept to beginning of Oct. We just celebrated our 35 year anniversary. It blows be away to think we have been married that long - sometimes it seems like yesterday yet, also forever!!! So good hearing from you!!!!!

  10. mari, i love you and i love this post... especially the last picture. a true classic, one for the books.

    p.s. how do you know your baby's not playing with you in response to your mari-ness?...i mean, there is, afterall, only so much space in there to frolic as you invite him to frolic. no?

  11. I put my cell phone on my belly once and had my coworker call it so it would vibrate....made the baby freak out. Chris told me he was going to call CPS :)

  12. Love it! you are too funny! I used to torture ben with the flashlight on my belly. He hated it. I thought it was funny too... he turned out ok, so don't worry. BTW, i love the basketball shorts! I used to wear Matts near the end of my pregnancies! They were soo comfy! No wonder guys like wearing them!