Monday, August 24, 2009

Wheelin' and dealin'

So this weekend was like the luckiest for us finding good deals on stuff!

First, Tyson and I were going to Wally World to try and find a particular crib mattress. We totally didn't find the mattress but while we were there we stumbled across a travel system that was normally almost $200 on clearance for 90 bucks!

We actually drove away from the store without getting it because we were afraid something was wrong with it and because it was blue (we wanted something more neutral).

Then we realized that was stupid so we turned around and bought it.

Odds are 50/50 the next one will be a boy too, right?

I think it's totally adorable, love the colors, and I can't wait to use it with the baby! In the meantime, Tyson got out a 10 lb. bag of flour and we've been practicing with that in the car seat. Works like a charm.

Later, I went to a warehouse sale and picked up this little number for only 5 dollars (regularly $40, just sayin').
Should make a nice addition to our home decor.

And apparently my little guy wanted to be in the picture too, no problem, we like him.

I also got this table at the warehouse sale. I had been looking for a table for our entryway for quite awhile and I thought this would be perfect if I refinished it with some black paint.

It was missing a drawer, but I figured I would just turn it around and no one would be the wiser.

Ta da!! Guess how much this cost me!! Seriously, guess.

Ok, don't guess, I can't hear you anyway.

Well, I used some black glidden paint that I got for free from a promotion they were doing, I had my own brushes and sandpaper so the grand totally comes to...



And, since I bought it in Oregon there wasn't even any tax.
Now that was a steal.
As for updates on the baby bump here I am at almost 36 weeks (this was taken a few days ago).

And I was curious to know if I looked pregnant from the back or not.

Pretty sure I don't but you can decide for yourself. Just don't tell me if you disagree.


  1. I wish I could find deals like that. I just don't know where to shop!! And no, you don't look pregnant from the back. You look great!! Are you just so ready to meet your little man?!

  2. You totally don't look pregnant from the back. Me on the other hand, I'm pretty sure I do. For some reason my body decided it needed to counteract the weight in front and put some....well, yeah.

  3. sweeet deals.
    and sweet rear too.
    you look great mari! can't wait to see that baby boy!

  4. Nope-you don't look pregnant from the back and you GO girl on the deals!

  5. You are truly a bargain shopper... and no, you dont look pregnant from the back.

  6. WOW! You are the frugalista of the day/week/for now! That is awesome. No good deals around my house, sadly. You are so HOT! No pregnantness from the back at all. Also,I just noticed your baby ticker thing said 27 days...i am seven days ahead of you so I have 20 days. I am so ready to be done, but for some reason that kinda freaked me out...20 days AHHHHHHHH!

  7. What the heck? You are an amazing home decor-ator. I still feel like our house is barren in some areas. Maybe things are just terribly expensive out here. ooooorrrr maybe I am not gifted in that area. Oh well.

  8. PS you definately don't look prego from the back!

  9. You are a genius bargainer! What great additions to the house.

  10. Those are some awesome deals! And my lady, you are just so artsy, I wish you could come and decorate my place. P.S. you look great! Can't wait til the little guy arrives!

  11. Woah awesome! Don't you LOVE getting a good deal?? It is one of my most favorite things. BTW you look fab...not pregnant from the back at all. Now me on the other hand....uh lets just not talk about it.

  12. I want you to come find some bargains and decorate my house!!!

    Noah says hello. He wants to say hi to his cousin.

    Have a great day and you totally DON'T look pregnant from the rear. No fair. I'm not even pregnant and I look pregnant from the rear.

  13. I'm so jealous-I LOVE good deals. Live for em! And ewww...all of us who looked like houses when we were pregnant hate you right now.

  14. I think you look FANTASTIC!!!! Your little man will be here before you know it.

  15. Nice work on your deals!!! And of course blue is neutral. You can use all of that stuff with a girl. You just can't use PINK stuff with a boy. I made the mistake of going "neutral" with everything with my first, and (a) she was bald until age 2 so everyone thought she was a boy, (b) I ended up having a second girl right after her anyway, and (c) I don't even have any of that stuff anymore. I say don't worry about planning for future kids (color-wise). You will always jinx yourself.

  16. All great bargains. The table is, hands down, my favorite of all. Five buck?! Looks great!