Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes I don't know what to title my ramblings

Ok, so this has nothing to do with what I want to talk about, but I was just watching a food network challenge and one guy was talking about how he is the bad boy of garnish.
The bad boy of garnish.


Anyway, pregnancy has reached a new level of weird. I've had cravings of course, nothing strange there, but recently I have wanted to live, eat, and breathe dirt.

Yeah, dirt.

Seriously, what the heck?

The other day I actually got a trowel from the garage and sat in the garden and dug aimlessly around for awhile just so I could smell the dirty goodness and debate the risk of licking my fingers. Then I felt like a freakazoid and went inside to eat a cup of ice.

Oh, and get this! As this craving was materializing the construction workers decided to begin construction on the house next door. All that freshly dug dirt everywhere... I so wanted to go over and ask if I could sample the leftovers on the backhoe.

It may be time to have this baby.

Oh, and just so you know, I did talk to my doctor about this and my iron is a little bit low so I'm taking a supplement.

It's not really helping.

Let's see, what else is new...

The crib came, yaaaay! I was going to wait until the whole nursery was finished to put up pictures, but I know my mom wants to see it so here it is!

So cute, I love it!

Just another month or so and there will be a baby in there!


  1. Eat beef!

    I was going to say; sounds like your iron is low.

    Cute crib!

  2. Watch out month or so maybe wrong!- I went to the doctor yesterday and I am almosted dilated to a 3!!! AND We don't have our crib yet!

  3. Hey, I was gonna say the same thing: IRON. I was really anemic with both my pregnancies and it does to do weird things to you. Chalk, I wanted chalk and ice.

    Sounds like you're getting to the end! Yay! Soon you'll have that baby boy in your arms...and cute new crib.

  4. Mari- yeah I would say try and get the iron from your DIET and use as little of the pill suppliments as you iron is ALWAYS low so with my first pregnancy I was on a suppliment for a long time. I think it made Caleb very jaundice when he was born. He had to be on a bilireuben lamp for almost 8 days. Nothing to be scared about, but I have been trying to get iron from my diet more with this pregnancy rather than suppliment. Just something to think about/ask your doc about!
    Your getting close to the end!! Can't wait to see the little guy! Cute crib too....ours is similar but black and WE LOVE IT!!! Caleb is over 2 yrs and still can't get out of it! NICE! Take care.

  5. Beautiful crib! Eat more red meat for your iron. That's more fun than pills.

  6. ahhh, the pica thing. always wondered what it'd be like to wanna eat dirt, laundry detergent, chalk, or paint chips as a prego. yeah. weird. glad you're resisting the temptation! although, if it's just dirt you're craving, i can't see how a little spoonful here and there would hurt... unless, however, by doing that it may uncage a ravage dirt-eating beast... baby might not like that. ;)

  7. Very cute crib. Love it! Yeah - you have Pica - my sister had it too, she craved ice mostly. It will go away eventually...

  8. I think there is a name for non-food cravings. Pica or something. Hope it changes to chocolate or something soon for ya! Love the crib!

  9. They say your body craves foods that carry the nutrients you're lacking. Dirt has iron in it, right? Um, maybe? So it makes sense. That's why, if you're craving chocolate, give in!! It's good for you cuz you need whatever nutrients are in chocolate. That's my philosophy at least. Might explain why I still haven't lost the baby weight though.

  10. ooh your crib is beautiful! and i totally don't think you look pregnant from the back. you are still just so skinny!