Monday, August 25, 2008

Pet peeves vol. 2

You may remember this friendly little post from a few months ago. Well, I think it's time for another.

#1. Automatic flushing toilets.
Due to our recent travels I have come into contact with hundreds, if not thousands of these little flushers and I have taken the liberty of putting them into 3 categories.

-The Anticipator: This toilet just can't wait to flush. It will either do so while you are sitting there, or flush before you even get to go ie: while you are putting the little paper cover on the seat sending it down the drain. This may happen multiple times.

-The Turbo: This is the toilet that flushes with such vigor and vim that it simultaneously deafens you and covers the seat with little droplets. This type of toilet can be predicted by the state of the seat when you walk in and when combined with The Anticipator it is both a terror and a bidet. A hand flush version of The Turbo is found most often on airplanes.

-The Staller: This toilet waits so long to flush that you have already waited five minutes, waved your hand over the sensor, then leaned over the apparatus, about to push the button before it sends your leftovers to potty heaven. Anything that prolongs your presence in a public bathroom stall is no good as far as I'm concerned.

(I would however, be happy to use this one)

#2. Cereal bags glued to the bottom of the box.

Ugh! The bag is hard enough to open already! When it's been superglued to the bottom of the box the only possible result is having the bag rip awkwardly in order to spill half your cereal into the bottom of the box. This cereal will become stale and fall into your bowl and all over the counter anytime you try to pour it resulting in 4 - 6 cranky mornings, depending on your average cereal intake.

#3. Utah drivers.

Bah. The only time we were cut off in Washington was by a driver with Utah plates. And that's all I have to say about that one.

#4. People who don't wash their hands after using public bathrooms.
Say it with me now... Eeeew! Yeah sure, maybe you didn't "touch anything" when you went but still. Someone else might have and they used the same stall and flusher that you did. Wash them for my sake if not your own. I need the peace of mind.

#5. Hair getting closed in the car door.
What? Yeah. Honestly, I'm not even sure how this happened. The wind was blowing while I was getting into the car and my hair just blew up and out as I closed the door. When I leaned back to buckle up... "Sonofaouchiemamma". Scalped by my car. Not really. But it hurt really really bad. Is that a sign I need to cut my hair? Maybe.

And those are my pet peeves... For now.

Once again, be sure to vent your own to me. I love hearing them because it makes me feel a little less strange. And sometimes a little more strange.


  1. I am at peace. I have had my Mari fix for the day. ahhhhhhhhh.

  2. I hate those automatic toilets as well! Especially when you are making a quick stop and it takes you 15 mins to go to the bathroom because you are fighting with the toilet. I have switched stalls before because I was frustrated with a toilet!
    And I definitely can't stand to see people not wash their hands! I am a complete germ-o-phobe!

  3. love them all. you are awesome.
    i HATE automatic toilets, and they scare the beegeezess out of ellie. if she knows it's an automatic flusher, she pretends she doesn't have to go anymore. i discovered if i hold my finger over the black sensor that it doesn't flush until i let go. paints a great picture uh? me, helping ellie wipe and pull up her pants one handed with a finger securely over the sensor...

  4. I'm loving that fancy toilet. You should get one in Florida, Vancouver, Boston, or wherever it is you two end up.

    My pet peeve...the "shushing" noise. Honestly, is there a more annoying sound? I don't think so. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard to me.

  5. Hi, I know you don't know me, but I know Tyson. Give him a big hug from the Jill Walker and family. I caught up with you through Kelly Ever's blog. I would love for you to catch us up on what you are doing and where you are at these days. We miss and love the Lowder's!

  6. Mari, I want to preface this by letting you know that I have been blog-stalking you for a couple of months and I LOVE your blog. You are hilarious. Now, about those toilets--I'm so glad someone out there feels the same way I do and that I'm not the only one who sets the flush off 5 times in one squatting. What a waste of water!!! Where were the environmentalists on that one? Well put my friend.

    Love, Katie (Marsh) Glazier

    P.S. Please feel free to stalk me anytime at

  7. I left a comment and it didn't post, so I'll repeat. Please disregard one of them if they both show up. First of all, sorry that I've been stalking you for a coupld months and not letting you know, but I LOVE your blog; you are hilarious. Thank you so much for bring up that dang toilet issue. I was honestly worried that I was the only one who has set off the auto-flush 5 times in one squatting. Talk about water wasting--where were the environmentalists on this one? Also, I know Utah drivers are bad (I happen to be a Washington-trained driver, and am proud to be a friendly merger), but you haven't seen anything until you've been on the east coast. I've decided drivers in Utah are just kind of oblivious to the fact that they're idiots. Drivers out here are just plain mean! I would add to your list people who do not pay attention to when it is their turn to go at a 4-way stop. How hard is it, if you're there first, you go first, if not, then wait your turn. One more and then I'm done--revolving doors. I hate them. They embarrass me. Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally, out of sheer confusion, get in the same corridor as someone else when there is not quite enough space? Awkward!

    Love, Katie (Marsh) Glazier

    P.S. Feel free to stalk me anytime at

  8. Okay, so I didn't see the message the first time. Please forgive me for being an idiot and feel free to disapprove of all my comments, because I don't deserve to be leaving them anyway. I'm such an amateur blogger.

  9. Nail clipping. Um, no one wants to hear you hacking away at your claws in the middle of church; ugh, you never know where those things are flying to, or who they may impale. I wanna yell to my loved ones to duck and cover. I had a roommate who used to clip her nails in the kitchen! GAG!

    Kids who won't go to sleep, need a drink, a trip to the potty, their OTHER favorite stuffed animal, another hug (who doesn't love hugs? But really, buy #403 it really IS time to say g'night).

    Utah drivers... come on people... merge like a zipper. It's not a "MEEE-for-all".

  10. blogs that eat your reply... waaah, I had such good pet peeves to add too!

  11. Here are a couple of mine:
    1. When people say, "A whole nother" "Nother" is not a word!
    2. When someone gets in the express check-out lane at the grocery store and they have way more than 15 items in their cart. I hate it when I have only one thing to buy and I am stuck behind someone who is clearly abusing the express lane.
    3. When someone has a kid screaming during sacrament meeting, but they won't take them out to the hall.
    4. When Ty is screaming during sacrament meeting and I have to take him out to the hall.

  12. I love all of you who left multiple messages. It secretly cracks me up, hee hee.

  13. Hey!Don't get freaked out, I found your blog on a whim and now I am gonna start blog stalking you! :) I am glad to see you and your hubby are doing so well. Benjy was just telling me the other day that he missed you and the other girls from the Glenwood. Guess we are going to have to track you down to hang out!

  14. Too funny! And, because of the "Turbo", my 3 year old daughter has been scarred for life! She holds her hands over her ears eVeRy time we go to a public restroom.

  15. I was just thinking the same thing about those stupid toilets this past week as we were traveling. I think there should be an override switch. Nothing like trying to run away from getting a butt shower. I think this comment section is too short for me to even touch on some of my pet peeves. I guess that's why I bog. :o)

  16. PS-I think you just have that spam protection for your own enjoyment. You just like to laugh at people who don't notice the "... will be visible after blog owner approval." It's ok, I laugh too...and I can because I've already done it.

  17. Heh heh heh. You may be right Brittany. I did also put it on to keep spam away and to make sure I got to read everyone's comments. Sometimes people would comment and I wouldn't even see it until a month later. Ya'll's (huh?) comments are fun. They make me feel loved :)