Friday, August 15, 2008


Earlier this week Tyson and I got to take a FREE trip to Florida so that he could interview with Harris Corp. I was excited that they invited me to come along especially since the trip was scheduled during our anniversary.

The first thing we noticed when we got off the plane was this sign. Well hello Harris! We do indeed feel welcome now, thank you very much.

Even though it was Sunday when we got there, we needed to go to the store to pick up a few items for dinner and breakfast the next day (since the evil plane people won't let you bring anything these days). After we finished those errands we went back to our hotel which was right on the beach.
After getting back we couldn't let that lovely beach go to waste! Don't worry, we just stuck our feet in the water. We didn't want to sin too many times on the Sabbath, what with our grocery shopping and all.
Before we came out everyone told us that August was the worst possible month to come and so we shouldn't let the weather make our decision for us. We didn't really think it was so bad though. Don't get me wrong, it was humid and hot and I felt like I was suffocating every time I walked outside, but still... not as bad as I was expecting.

And of course since we were there for our anniversary we had to go out.

Tyson was shocked that I was the one wearing shorts while he wore pants. It was quite the role reversal.

The view from our room.
Once it was no longer the Sabbath Tyson and I got as much swimming in as we could.
The water was so warm! There were a ton of shells at the shoreline threatening to slice your feet into bits but once you got past that the ground was a silky sand. It was really really nice. No waves to speak of, but it was great for just swimming around.

We saw hundreds of holes all over the beach and spent quite a bit of time using our detective skills to figure out what was causing them. It wasn't until we went swimming early the next day before everyone else came out that we saw the culprit. There were crabs EVERYWHERE! Seriously, they were all over the place. Well... lets just say that it was a good thing we were done at the beach by the time we figured that one out. I would have been less impressed with Florida had a crab pinched my toes. We gingerly skipped bravely marched our way back to the hotel and got ready to go.

Our time in Florida was fun, we should be getting an offer from them in a day or two. Then it will be up to us to decide where we want to raise our children, work all day, and live the rest of our lives. But I'm not stressed about this monumental decision. Oh no. Not at all.

Pray for us.


  1. Ok-I will pray for you. LOVE this post. It looks like a wonderful place-but I'm thinkin' maybe a wonderful place to visit--humidity sucks---(sorry) plus heat-ug. We are having our tiny bit of humidity plus heat here in AZ and I feel like a slug. But the beach looks awesome-So did they offer Tyson a job?????FYI-you look like your mother in some of your photos!!

  2. Good Luck! It's a huge that you will NEVER regret! Tom and I NEVER thought we'd end up in Mount Pleasant...but we love it and have never looked back. You will do the same thing. Keep us posted!!

  3. We'd be happy to make the decision for you. :)

    Love the photos!

  4. So have you guys decided yet? Huge decision, but I know you'll make the right one. Good luck!