Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dream Weaver

So the truth is I feel like my life just isn't that interesting these days. I have been consumed by student teaching. CONSUMED! And while I am enjoying a love/hate relationship with it, I'm just not sure I feel comfortable talking about it on my blog being that I'm working with minors and all. So I may occasionally share the stupid things that I do, 'cause let's be honest, it'll happen, but I won't talk much about the kids.

I have, however, had some interesting dreams that I would like you to interpret for me.

Here's dream #1:

I'm getting the mail down at the end of the driveway of my house in Michigan. A nice looking woman pulls up and asks me directions back to town. I explain it to her and she asks if I'll ride with her part of the way. I see a child in the backseat and she smiles real nice, so I figure why not? I hop into the car and quickly realize she is actually kidnapping me so she can breed lice in my hair. I narrowly escape with my life and my scalp intact.

Please explain.

Dream #2:

I am at the Olympics in the water cube. The U.S. is missing a competitor for an event so I volunteer and get put on the docket. The event? One lap in the pool using the stroke of your choice. The really unique thing about this race is that everyone is in the same lane and the pool is filled with chocolate instead of water. I got third.

Am I crazy? Normal? Imbalanced? Harboring secret desires? I just don't know.

And my final thought for you is not a dream but an actual conversation with my love.

Me: Hey babe? Where's that dusting rag I like to use?

My Love: I don't know... Just use one of those washcloths.

Me: Ew! No! I wash my face with those!

My Love: ....

Me: Tyson...? What else do you use those washcloths for?

My Love: Um, you know, cleaning stuff. Like the bathtub... and maybe the toilet...

Me: *gag*


  1. i'm laughing too hard to come up with anything clever or witty as far as dream interpretations go...
    you are too funny as usual.
    i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who feels like they have a totally busy yet too boring to report life! and i feel the same about teaching and blogging about my teaching...
    are you coming to bunco thursday? sure hope so!!!!!!

  2. you must be causes crazy wierd dreams :)

  3. They probably mean that your scalp itched and you ate chocolate too close to bed time.

    The first thought that came to my mind was that I have my strangest dreams while pregnant. It's nice too; when you explain that you're pregnant after describing a strange dream, people look at you with understanding rather than wondering if you're the craziest person alive. Too bad I don't have that excuse anymore...

    eeeewwww Tyson!!

  4. They probably mean that your scalp itched and you ate too much chocolate before going to bed.

    I have my craziest dreams while pregnant.

    Eeeew Tyson!!

  5. LOL, ok, so I didn't see the disclaimer at the top of the screen. I'm like, why won't my comments save on your page anymore?!!

    I can't be witty over and over again on the same topic... gee whiz!

    Disregard my many many trying to remember what I'd posted posts.

  6. Ha ha, well I WISH that I was pregnant, will that give you crazy dreams?

    (I love you Becky)

  7. actually the dream about someone asking for directions-that happened to me in REAL life when I was a child. Except that I didn't get into the car and there was no kid smiling nicely in the back. Glad to see you still address T as "my love" after the washcloth incident!

  8. i read your conversation with tyson but instead of reading "dusting rag" I read "disgusting rag." i was confused why you wanted it...

  9. ha! i did the same thing emily did at first! ha ha.