Thursday, August 21, 2008

The first week

Hello my friends!

Are you all in withdrawal from my lack of blogging? Yes? Oh thank you, that makes me feel good.

So, student teaching has begun and now I have no time to blog or do anything else for that matter. I seriously thought that I would have more time to myself but IT HAS CONSUMED ME!!

Oy, I have a headache.

But don't worry about me friends, I'll be ok. Still the same old me.

For example, I had to go to a staff meeting on the first day of school and in the midst of trying to be cool (high school's effect on me) and trying to make friends, I looked down at the pen I had been flipping around.

First Colon...

Well. That's interesting.

Apparently the "Y" of my First Colony Bank pen had rubbed off leaving me the butt of the joke. I giggled nervously (and silently of course so as not to interrupt the quality speech going on in the front of the room) and used my fingernail to scrape off the "N".

... and the "O" for good measure.

That was my first faculty meeting, and tomorrow ends my first week at school. I've already started a countdown to the end.

Don't tell.


  1. Ahh, I have had my Mari blog fix! I'm excited to hear your take on student teaching and the school life so keep it up if you can. Love ya!

  2. I HAVE missed your blogging, honestly. I hope student teaching goes well for you. Where are you teaching? It can definitely be intense, but you learn SO much doing it. Good luck!

  3. Teehee. I like reading your blog. It gives me joy. Hang in there, Mari! You'll make it through this student-teaching experience with your head held high...or something like that. :-)