Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I am...

... Roger Hammer's daughter
(Yes, I am fly fishing and loving it.)

Here's a question...

What rational person locks themselves in a tiny room with hundreds of bugs, a smell that is more of a physical presence than an odor and then exposes their most precious nether regions to a black pit of endless despair?
I do.

But only when forced to do so by the Sanitary Maintenance Enforcers of Local Latrines Yonder (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) who run the "facilities" at the campsite where we stayed. (not a real organization)
So honestly, when I initially saw/smelled (I'm not sure which came first) the bathroom at this campground I actually looked around for a private place where I could dig my own hole. Seriously. And you know... It didn't even need to be that private to qualify. But the ground was hard and I didn't have a shovel yadda yadda yadda.

So I conducted an inspection which yielded me more trepidation than if I had gone in blindfolded and decided that I could wait awhile. Well, awhile turned out to be not as long as I hoped so I girded up my loins and pranced in dodging spiders and flys while preparing for the inevitable...


...Blast! I had never had a problem with stage fright until this very moment, the one time when I needed to get in and get out in the shortest time possible. I whined to myself. "C'mon, we need to get outta here!" I like to speak to myself as if I were two people when in frightening situations. A fly landed on my knee. Slap! "Any day now..."

Let's not go into details but suffice to say, I barely escaped with my life and lived to use the potty several more times before we left. And you know, each time got a little easier.

Ok, no it didn't. It actually got worse as the night came on but whatever. I need to move on from this and enjoy the running water that I have at home which I am very very grateful for.


  1. Dad is on the floor recovering from shock seeing his once beloved fly fishing partner back in action. He is glad you had a fun time. He's also coming to Utah next week and expects you'll be ready to cast flies into the Provo river after putting him up for the night and feeding him breakfast.

  2. LOL! This is why I hate camping. Now remember-you just got some good experience in coaxing a toddler to "do his business"

  3. Ha ha! I love nature and all but if there's one thing I hate. . . . Port-a-potty!!!! Don't envy you there but the fishing sounds fun.

  4. MARI!!! I saw you on Kelly Evers' blog. How crazy is that? Kelly and I have been friends forever. That is too funny. How are you guys? I hope all is well. Love the blog. We are good. We are living in good ol' St. George now. It is really nice. Keep in touch, girlie.

  5. Oh my gosh, I freaking hate camping.