Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Call

Well, here's the news you've all been waiting for! Adam got his call and he's going to the Taiwan Taipei Mission! He's so excited he was shaking after he read it. He'll be speaking Mandarin and he goes into a long haul at the MTC on June 25th.
Here's the excited boy waiting for everyone to come.
Here's the excited boy and his excited sister!
Here are just a few of his excited friends that came to witness THE OPENING
Here he is reading it to the family and the rest of us.
We're all so surprised and amazed!!

Pointing it out on the map. It looks so far away from us when it's not on a globe! He'll be at a latitude level of around Miami Fl.
Best of luck Adam! We love you and support you and know you are going to do great out there.


  1. Alright!! After Adam's post on his blog, I was seriously hoping that he didn't get called to Nebraska. He should call Daren and practice some Mandarin with him!

  2. i think you have the best (and most natural) surprised face. :)

  3. WOW! I had not heard!! How exciting for Adam. That is some serious travel & quite a language to learn. He will do great!

  4. Hooray for Adam! I am sure he will be an amazing missionary!! How funny that all the guys in your family ended up in Asia!