Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh how I love being a girl

I thought this was so funny that I couldn't help doing a little photo documentation for the old blog (sorry the pictures aren't so good, I was using my phone to take them)

My friend Sarah and I were talking and she mentioned how bad she wanted to get her hair cut. I of course said "go for it" being that I love anything that has to do with any kind of makeover. So we were talking about it some more in class and one of the girls (who is a hair stylist) said that she just happened to have her stuff in the car and she would go ahead and cut it for her right then.

So she did.
In the parking lot!

It turned out great and only took about five minutes. Talk about an ambush makeover! Hee hee. I was so into it that I about had her cut my hair off at the same time, but then I remembered that I like my hair and I can't let the excitement of it all suck me in.
Way to go Sarah! And nice work Jess!


  1. I love spur of the moment hair cuts.

    Hey Mar, let's plan a family dinner with all the college kids for an upcoming Sunday. I thought about doing it this weekend, but figured most of you have grandparents who'd want to see you for Easter. So, let's do a post Easter dinner.