Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Boys

So I don't think I ever truly understood the expressions "white as a sheet" or "all the blood drained from his face" until Tyson came home last night after his church meetings. After fumbling with the door for a long time outside he finally got it open, staggered into the apartment, and looked at me with his face dead white, lips included. The only color in his face was under his eyes and even that was a sickly purple/grey. Needless to say I was more than a little concerned. As I worked to get him to lay down safely I saw a sticker similar to this on his suit coat.

"Oh babe, did you donate blood?"

"Yes" he groaned

Apparently he started feeling sick on his drive home and by the time he walked up the stairs to our door he had almost completely blacked out. Here he his looking much better, but still a little pale. I'm glad you're okay babe!! ...And that you didn't throw up on me.

In other news we had Adam and Austin over for dinner tonight. They are so fun!

I think Austin needs to grow a few more muscles so he can carry me a little bit better. Hee hee, Sorry Austie!

Adam should be getting his mission call next Wednesday and I'm sure my mom and I will keep you all appraised of his location and any new developments.


  1. way cute photo! Love those smiles. Wow-you have tall brothers!

  2. poor brother. thanks for taking good care of him!

  3. hey! I wasn't the one trembling, Adam was. I carried you just fine