Friday, February 22, 2008


So did anyone else watch Lost last night? Please say yes. What happened to Claire for heaven's sake!!?? Oh gosh I am so hooked, it almost feels real...


  1. Oh my gosh!! Seriously!

    I am ready for some answers on this show, though I'm still hooked whether they satisfy my curiosity or just keep pulling me along!

    I am thinking that the helicopter, or whatever it is that is taking them off the island can only hold a select few, and since Aaron is a baby, even though Claire couldn't fit, she handed Kate Aaron so he could grow up off the island. Or, as a temporary thing as I'm sure they will think help will go back and get the rest of the survivors.

    Although... they did lie during the trial and say only 8 survived, which makes you suppose that 2 supposedly died before getting rescued. So, did the rest choose to stay?

    Like I said... I'm ready for answers!

  2. brandon watched (i had gone to bed--this mommy business is exhausting!) and woke me up to tell me that aaron was now kate's "son" as something had happened to claire. i'm frustrated with the show because i always have more questions by the end, but i can't help but watch if i start an episode.

  3. I did. It is the greatest show ever. Everyone should go to and rewatch all of the old episodes. The writers and show creators are amazing.