Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Valentine

So once again Tyson is the man.
This Valentine's day he surprised me with tickets to see the ballet!
It was Cinderella in case you didn't guess. So romantic, right!?
In spite of our seats in the nosebleed section we were able to see and hear everything just fine and I loved every moment of it. The truly amazing thing about this (and Tyson does this all the time) was that I only mentioned that I wanted to go to a ballet once last December and he remembered!

But our Valentine's weekend wasn't just all about the ballet. It also included gifts,

Dinner, and Love!

(we made these little blocks in relief society, cute huh?)


  1. How fun! I was sick on V-Day so we really didn't do much. What a romantic husband you have!! Unfortunately Rob dated a ballerina once upon a time & I think he is balleted OUT for life. :)

  2. I think Chris would rather clean toliets for the rest of his life than go to the ballet. He doesn't really like that kind of stuff, you know musicals, ballets, etc. Although, I did get him to see Phantom of the Opera (the movie). I more or less tricked him into it, but that was back before we were even dating! I am glad that you had such a good time!