Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something I love and something I don't

Let's start with what I don't love. 

Junk on my stairs
junk on my stairs
lookin' like a fool with the 
junk on my stairs.

It's pretty much always there. 

And who's fault is it?

Mine of course. 

But there is always something that needs to go up and if I made a separate trip for every little thing, well, I'd probably be in a lot better shape.


OK, not the point. The point is, it sits on the stairs until I walk up there without a full load of Logan . Craft supplies, books, shoes, socks...

Oy the socks.

I live with two boys who just love to take their socks off all over the house. They're everywhere! 

Luckily they are super easy to collect and put on the stairs.

Hence my problem.

Alright, let's move on to something I love. Cardboard boxes. They have so much potential I think, don't you? And with a baby in diapers and a Costco nearby we seem to have a never ending supply.

So when I saw this tutorial on Full of Great Ideas I was thrilled.

I could make this and actually use it!

Not that I don't use all of my crafty creations.


I took an old diaper box and used her instructions to make this shape.

It's a little confusing just to read how to do it on her blog, but if you grab a cardboard box and start following along, it works out fine.

Then I put it on my stairs!

Just kidding.

Then I decorated it! Duh.

I wish that I just had the fabric on hand so that this project was free, but I didn't. I bought some at Joann's.

And then I put it on my stairs!

Excellent! No more piles of stuff.  

Until my box gets full.

I kid I kid. I'll take it upstairs when the box gets full. Of course.

Gooooo Cardboard!


  1. It looks great! I am so happy you could figure out the instructions. I honestly could not describe the steps any differently :) so I am thrilled it worked out. I love your fabric!
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day,
    Full of Great Ideas

  2. WAY cute! P.S. Do you want to stay at my house next week????

  3. It looks so good! Makes me want stairs :)

  4. Daaang, girl! That is cute! If I had stairs I would make one of those...or not. You know, the laziness wins way too often.But, I'd really ,really want to make one (again, if I had stairs). Lol!

  5. Super cute! I love it! I want to make one and I only have 2 little steps in my apartment. Ha ha!

  6. Really cute Mari! I wish I lived closer so I could tap into your craftiness.

    Mucho love to you!

  7. I LOVE that idea! Now if I could just get into a big enough house that had stairs...

    Congrats to your sister. I feel so old!

  8. Indeed, an excellent idea. Function made beautiful!

  9. That's a cute idea. Almost makes me want stairs.

  10. You are so dang creative!!! I love it!