Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not my finest hour

My friends and I thought it would be fun to go to IKEA today. After all it was raining (again), the kiddo was sick of being in the house (me too), and sometimes you just need a chair named Kritter (or two).

Guys, it was not a good trip.

Today I was the mother smiling with lips pressed together while I wrangled my child out of strangers' way.

I was the mother calling out my child's name six thousand times while he ignored me and ran perilously close to the stairs.

I was the mother that everyone wished would just take her kid home for a nap.

I was the mother who fed her child chocolate for lunch just to get him to sit still for a minute. (I had offered him an apple, pb & honey sandwich, and Swedish meatballs, just for the record)

I was the mother who bought the toy her kid was playing with just to avoid the battle of taking it away.

I was not the mother of the kid with the poopy diaper at least. (Ha ha Kelly, just kidding :))

I was the mother of the child playing on the displays.

I was the mother of the kid who tried to steal an old lady's wheelchair while she was having lunch.

I was the mother who was actually sweating as we walked out of that dang store.

I was the mother calling the doctor to have her tubes tied.

Just kidding on that last one. Probably.

I am still the mother who would not change anything for the world. We've had our good and bad days together but I still love this little man with all my heart.

He's still just a little guy at 22lb 13oz (10%) and 31.5in (15%) (way to get those 18 mo. stats in there, huh?) but I think we'll keep him. Even after today.

And now some pictures for Grandmas.


  1. LOL! I was that mom today too - what a coincidence! Except I was also the mom who almost lost her purse...

  2. :) I have had MANY of those days. Although my tubes ARE now tied. Wow. Did I just share that on the net? Heh. He is so dang cute. Can't wait to see you guys...and take lots & lots of pretty pictures. :)

  3. Hahaha! You're hilarious. One thing you can say about crazy kids: they make fantastic blog posts.

    Looking forward to when we get to hang out!! Wahoo!!!!!

  4. Ha! Too bad I missed out on this... Meanwhile my child was running rampant throughout a Motherhood Maternity store. :) Luckily I was the only one there and the employee thought Emily was the cutest thing in the world. Unless she was pretending... hmmmm...

  5. It's nice to know you're human. Yesterday Anna asked me, "Mom, why do you say 'Dang It Sam!' so much everyday?" And the only honest answer I could give her was "Because I'm trying to swear less". Motherhood is some good times.

  6. Oh, Mari, how I feel you on this one. I have become this same mother every time we go out in public. Luckily patrons at the mall were kind today and instead of sneering, offered my wild one suckers and stickers. Did I allow my child to eat the sucker handed to her by a complete stranger? ABSOLUTELY! You are a fantastic mother and don't let chocolate lunches make you feel any less.

  7. Logan - just for the record I don't believe a word your mother said. It may be true you're a selective eater, but you couldn't possibly have done any of those other things. You're way too cute!

  8. Oh no... your post has caused me to reflect... and lately, I am always this mother. I need help. And I have learned just recently that help does not come in the form of a third child. (what was I thinking???) At least I see now, that I am not the only one. At least I wasn't on the day you went to ikea.

  9. I am so glad I'm not the only mom who has days like that! My kid ran to the stairs to go up to the pulpit today and she was so fast that before I could get to her, she turned around and yelled "ta da." The poor lady who was finishing her talk and crying during her testimony...I don't think anyone was listening with my crazy kid putting on her show!!! Your Logan is so stinking cute so you better not tie your tubes because we all need to see more cute kids from you guys!! (Not necessarily right this second obviously...just whenever!)