Monday, April 25, 2011

The rest of Arizona

Alternate post title: The one with all the pictures and the commentary that I didn't bother to proofread.

Logan and I left Tyson in Tucson for a few days and went up to Mesa to see my cousins.
 We stayed with Jess and since her little boy is just a couple weeks older than Logan we let them entertain us half the time.

 Most hilarious moment: When Jess and I were talking about how little boys pee everywhere, and not two seconds later Logan went wee wee on Jess' foot. Ha ha! Luckily the bath was running so all she had to do was stick her foot in the tub. 

Life wasn't as easy for Logan's secondary target, the rug.

We also went shopping; Amy and I got in trouble for taking pictures immediately after this shot was taken, hee hee! We're such troublemakers.
 We also spent some time at the park where we met up with another one of my cousins (all these girls are sisters by the way - so sad that I don't live closer!) and her little boy who shares Logan's birthday.

Logan was confused here. And hot. 
 When Logan and I got back to Tucson the three of us hit up an old timey town for dinner.

 Most hilarious moment here: When the waiter dumped Tyson's salad as he was trying to set it on the table. Good times.
 Our last day there we had quite a bit of time before our flight so we explored a HUGE park and got one last dose of the beautiful sunshine.

If I had known that every one of those goldfish was going to end up back on me, I would have never let him eat them.
 Goodbye Arizona! We miss you and all the people who live there!


  1. Aww. Seeing these pics just made me sad that I wasn't there. But I'm glad you hada good time!

  2. yay! Loved that you were here. COme back I am going to post my side of the story :)