Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A friend came up with a ploy,
to set up a girl and a boy.
They went on a date
and man, it was great!
To be with each other was joy.

It didn't take long to see,
that together they wanted to be.
So within 6 months time
they said you'll be mine,
And wed for time and eternity.

Happily ever after began
while away went the honeymoon tan.
School and work were both hard,
but their love was not marred.
Of wedded bliss they both were a fan.

School ended and real life came,
and then nothing was much the same.
New house, job, and place,
they needed more space,
for a new player was joining the game.

And now they're a family of three,
the major change being more pee.
For things only got better
with their little bed wetter,
who joined their five year anniversary.


  1. Congrats. You guys are so cute.

  2. Congrats on five years you guys!!! This is so cute, Mari! Hopefully someday I'll get to actually MEET your hubby and baby! :)

  3. Very creative Mari. I liked it!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! And, I'm thinking there is a story behind the set up and you two meeting. Hmmm???

  5. Yay! Happy 5! Ours in in Nov. We are going to Utah, Chris has never been to SLC...oh and we are NOT taking the baby! AHHH! :)

  6. Happy Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding as being a super fun trip for us!! =)

  7. Happy 5 years! Thanks for being such a great example of how a marriage should be. We love you guys!

  8. Very sweet story. Happy anniversary. Love you all!

  9. i love love love you and your limericks mari.
    happy five!
    you have a beautiful family!