Monday, August 16, 2010

Michigan, the final chapter

If there was one thing that Logan did love about our trip to Michigan, it was the water park. This has opened up a whole new interest in the world of water for him including the sink, hose, and washing machine. The day he discovers the toilet will be a turning point in my life I'm sure.

While we were at the park we also took him on a slide for the first time, let him swing, and even gave him a taste of flavored ice.

Not gonna lie, blue raspberry was the favorite of the day.

My mom's comment when she saw this picture was that you can tell who the parents of a baby are, and who the single college student is just by looking at our eyes. I guess that even a sugar rush can't erase all the tiredness.

A great thing about going home (besides seeing my family of course) is seeing friends that I haven't seen in forever. Chanda and I haven't seen each other in, oh, about 10 years? It was so fun to connect again. And seriously, what are the odds that we would have our first babies within ONE DAY of each other?

Logan thought Kalyn was great.

Unfortunately his "drool here often?" pickup line was ultimately...

Guess she knows his weakness for crawling.

Our trip ended with a fireside that Adam spoke at which was all about his mission. We saw pictures and videos from his time in Taiwan and heard more stories.
There was a great turnout and the cake was delish!
And with that, we finished up our trip and headed back home.


  1. You know what's really cool? When your blog is downloading, I can scroll down and your tongues get realllly long! (how's that for random) I vote for more Michigan activity posts too!

  2. I love the picture of Kalyn crawling away & Logan waving.
    So glad I got to see you!!!