Saturday, May 8, 2010

The days of May, Day 8

Today I am grateful for tiny miracles.

I was getting ready to take Logan out shopping and because I had parked my car in our inclined driveway, the door gently closed itself after I put Logan in the car. (It's not what you think, I had my keys :-) ) I made a mental note to reclose that door because I knew it hadn't shut all the way but after having the trunk close on me several times while I was trying to put the stroller in, I completely forgot.

Off we went.

As we were driving I could hear the wind whistling in and in a flash I remembered that I hadn't closed that rear door. I glanced back to see how bad it was. Yeah, definitely not closed. And then I glanced back again.

Somehow, that door was locked. I hadn't locked any of my other doors and my car definitely doesn't automatically lock anything (hurrah 1995!) so I am baffled as to how that happened. We made it safe to Home Depot, luckily it's not that far away, and I checked to see if I could even open the door with it locked like that. Nope.

Now I don't know, maybe we would have been fine if the door hadn't locked and we most likely would have been fine if the door had even swung open or something. Logan and I are always both buckled in so it probably wouldn't have been a tragedy.

But you never know.

So today I am grateful.

And because I feel like it - a picture of my boy.
Because the only thing more fun than putting random crap on your baby's head is putting random crap on your baby's head and then taking a picture.

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  1. THat is amazing! What a miracle.
    Your little man is adorable! I love his cheeks. I just want to eat him right up.