Monday, May 17, 2010

The days of May, Day 17

Another project! With the days getting longer it became necessary to block the light from getting into Logan's room. We already had blinds in there but they just weren't cutting it. So we bought some light blocking curtains. We took them home and what did we see?
So much for being light blocking. Lame!
We thought for a minute then held up some fabric that I bought for another project to see if it blocked the light any better. It sure did so I bought some more and winged it with some help from the internet.

And Logan has been sleeping so much better! Totally worth the frustration of making curtains for the first time.
And the clincher... total cost:
6 bucks.
That's right.


  1. Cute curtains and I love the stripey wall!!!

  2. You've inspired me again Mari!

  3. you are my craft hero! i wish i had your energy, motivation, and enthusiasm!