Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The days of May, Day 26

Logan and I love going to thrift stores. And by this I mean I love getting things for a good deal and Logan loves toothless old women with long sparkly fingernails.

It is, as they say, a win win. In fact, I recently got Logan these pants at a thrift store for two dollars. Joy!

So we were out looking for steals one day when I came across a Goodwill Outlet store. "Ooh, an outlet version, wanna check it out?" I asked Logan. He answered with a resounding "DA?" I assumed that meant yes so we went for it.

Guys, I wish I had taken a picture because it may take me literally 1,000 words to adequately describe the chaos that is the Goodwill outlet.

It was a huge warehouse with rows and rows of gigantic blue bins filled with stuff. Piles of stuff. And people were bent over these bins just chucking crap over their shoulders into their carts. There was no rhyme or reason to what was in each bin as far as I could tell. Dishes, clothes, random wooden objects, dirt, broken glass, who knows what all mixed in together. I noticed on signs hanging from the ceiling that everything was sold by the pound - the more pounds you had, the less each pound cost which I guess explained the growing piles of junk in everyone's carts. We had to hide out in the back with the furniture until we made sense of everything going on.

You guys, it made a regular Goodwill look like Nordstrom's.

In fact, once we escaped we went to a regular Goodwill to recover.

We didn't find anything great that day but someday I'll find a real treasure during one of these trips and I'll totally show it to you.


  1. Ok, I am reading your blog now too- and laughing, I love it!!! Oh, and I am going to get Logan that book, haha!!!

  2. Sooooo funny! Isabel LOVES the Goodwill. (We call it the D.I. around here... even my non-mormon friends have joined in calling it the D.I too!) Have fun!

  3. ooh we love thrifting too! can't beat the prices on on baby clothes! I always say that you can find good stuff if you are willing to look :)

  4. Well, 'da' is 'yes' in Russian.... or something...

    I love thrift stores. Glad we have such a huge D.I. here in Provo.