Friday, May 28, 2010

The days of May, Day 28

See that red mark on my finger?
This is what happens when you mix a glue gun and coke before 11 a.m.

 Yeah, it might be the smallest blister I've ever had but it's also in like the worse place ever. Every time I click the mouse or type the letters y u i h j b n or m it hurts me.

This is the kind of casualty often found at craft day. Oh, what is craft day you ask? Well, it's where a group of my friends get together once a week for lunch, playtime, and occasional crafting. It's a little like "s" and the city I think. But maybe not cause I've only seen that show a couple times on TBS. And I'm scared to put the "s" word on my blog in case creepers find it but you know what I'm talking about right?
(Mari & Logan, Lindsey & Graham, and Kelsey & Sadie, not pictured: Kelly & Rhys)

Anywho, we used to craft a ton which is why we call it craft day but now we have these things called kids and they don't sleep all day anymore. Darn. I mean yay?

At any rate we're lucky these days if we get any crafting done which is why I'm so proud of this.
Whoops, that would be my inspiration from Living with Lindsay (not to be confused with my friend LindsEy). She's pretty much a genius and having a Scentsy giveaway right now but don't go enter because I want to win.

Here's what I did. Are you ready...?

Stop, stop. I know you're impressed but the server will probably crash or something if you all try to compliment me at once so just take it easy, ok? Not gonna lie, it makes my debilitating glue gun burn totally worth it. Now I just need to decide where to hang it.

So as you can see we're having a little problem here.

Craft day is no longer deserving of that name. We need to call it/ourselves something else but we don't know where do start. All our creativity ran out when our water broke or something. We read about little groups that have cute names (ie. the secret stitch club or the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society) and we want a cute name too!

Any clever ideas my loving and creative friends? We need help!


  1. you are awesome, amazing, talented, clever, crafty, all of it.

    see that, i threatened the server but i just couldn't help but tell you how fantastic you are:)

    next time use pins instead of glue. i'm totally serious. less time and no burns. lol.

    i just made a felt flower wreathe with similar materials. only pins instead of hot glue.

  2. We Soo need help on renaming the group. We like to craft, cook and talk so we're like a mini Relief Society. And with the rug rats around, they easily qualify as miniature people, so maybe we could call ourselves the "Mini" something or other...

    Then I was thinking we spend a ton of time talking about reality tv shows so it would make sense to incorporate that into the name by calling it a "Culture Club."

    Blah, that's all I've got! Hopefully Tyson can give us some brilliant spin off that, eh?

    I'm sure your book wreath is going to be just as beautiful as its inspiration!

  3. "The Women Who Can't Craft Anymore because they have small children Society." (CCA for short, for can't craft anymore.)