Monday, April 26, 2010

A day in the life: Thursday April 22

7:15 Ah, the sweet sound of a baby's cry. No better alarm. At least this is a welcome change from last week when Logan was waking up at 5:45-6:00.

This is where Logan goes while I shower. I know that lots of moms sacrifice their shower time when they have a baby but I just can't do it! Luckily he is content to just hang out in the mornings while I do my thing.

This is usually how I find him when I'm done.

We're each taking a moment to do our thing. I'm having Lucky Charms for breakfast; where regular people use caffeine to perk up, I take a hit of sugar.

It's about this time every morning that Logan starts getting cranky for a nap. Solution: jam session on the keyboard. Usually these jam sessions include a little segment of interpretive dance but I basically pulled a groin muscle or some other ridiculous thing while doing a particularly difficult move yesterday so there was no dancing today.
Logan was devastated.

Oh the glorious nap time. Just thinking about it gives me a thrill. So many possibilities! So much potential in that hour and a half. Today I cleaned and talked to my mom. Actually, that's pretty much what I always do during his morning nap. But still, the thought that I could be napping myself, surfing the net, watching tv, gardening, doing my nails, taking a bath, reading a book, doing a craft, calling a friend, singing, dying my hair, hanging a picture... oh wait, not that one, too loud. Anyway, the list goes on. It's the stuff dreams are made of people. Dreams!

Tyson came home for lunch today! He usually works an hour away so we don't often get the luxury of having him home during the day. Side note: I have taken several pictures where I don't necessarily mean for Logan to be in them, and yet somehow he is. If you look in the bottom left corner you'll see that he's done it again. Also, though it may look like we are having a riveting conversation Tyson is making a face at me and I'm catching my breath from running back to my chair after setting up the camera.
We took a moment to film this little gem...

...and then set out to run errands. Along with naps these are an excellent sanity saving part of my day.

By the way, if you're thinking that taking a picture of yourself while driving is more dangerous than texting, you would be right. More dangerous than that: reviewing said picture while driving. At least I took the picture at a stop sign.

Logan's first ride in the front of a shopping cart. Ok, second really. Apparently Tyson put Logan in the shopping cart when he took him out while I was at young women's. This is the first documented ride though. And the first one with me.
Not pictured: Our purchases. Hangers, plastic bins, picture hangers, and a ball. What did we go there for? Deodorant. Do I occasionally wander through the store looking for random things we might need? Yes. But only when I'm bored.

Nap number 2! A little craft time is in order for mom. Remember these letters? I didn't really like the way they turned out the first time so I did them again... and again. I need to just be happy and hang them up already.

Tyson and the boy are enjoying a little play time before dinner with his new ball. That ball was a dollar by the way and Logan loves it. Sweet!

I love milk. Whenever Tyson and I get low on milk I start getting real nervous. Almost as nervous as when we run low on diapers. We buy 2 gallons a week and it's not always enough.

He has really grown to love his baths. The toys, the splashing, the reflection of his own face, nothing could be better.

Another part of his bedtime routine. He was really enjoying his books tonight. Sometimes they are fun and sometimes they are just a frustrating obstacle between him and bed.

And with one final unflattering picture we end the day with some Fringe and a bowl of cereal. It's a pleasant decompression time for mom and dad. I have to admit that this isn't completely accurate though, I'm usually under the blanket with it pulled up to my chin.
10:00 Bed. Another wonderfully mundane day successfully passed.
I have to say I am loving my life right now. It's not particularly exciting or spectacular but we are in a great rhythm as a family, the weather is getting nice, and I am reveling in the normal everyday activities that we do. Happy day.


  1. That was a fun post (and I read every word). It's amazing what you find at Wal-Mart without meaning too. :) I'm glad you are happy and loving the time you have to be a mom.

  2. loved this post! You still were able to take the routine and make it interesting and funny.

  3. I love the video. It's like he's in his own little world having a conversation.

  4. Hey-I loved seeing your ordinary day. Walmart sucks me in too BTW.

  5. Glad to know someone else shares my life. Yay for being a Mom!

  6. Mari, I'm so glad to see that you are a much more responsible mom than I was... putting your son on the floor while you shower! Yeah, I put Calli on the bed with pillows around her once when I showered and then a few seconds later I heard the loud thud of her hitting the ground. Then I tried even more pillows the next day... another thud. I should've done the floor to begin with. Loved the video! I miss having a little baby!

  7. I love that you documented EVERYTHING, including your driving to the store (as exciting as that is) ;) I go to the store nearly every day. Only way to maintain sanity with two kids as well. Don't worry, it just gets worse once the second one comes along. Now isn't that comforting? :D