Sunday, April 18, 2010

help me please, i love you all

By some sort of black magic/chemical bonding process this bowl has fused to this pot.

And I cannot get them apart. Tyson and I have tried everything we can think of: ice in the bowl, heat on the pot; tapping them with a meat tenderizer; brute force... nothing is working. Short of slamming the whole situation on the concrete I don't know what to do.


I actually did pound, throw, and bang it on the concrete, much to the joy of my neighbors I'm sure. See the scuff mark and the dent on the bottom of the pot? Yeah, I did that.

We don't even know how this happened. Tyson just went to do the dishes (yeah, he does them for me quite frequently, be jealous :-)) and there they were.

Anyone had this situation before? What should I do?

I use this bowl and pot a lot. Correction: used. I hope I don't have to just throw them away! Wah!


  1. Hahaha!! Sorry to laugh at your dilemma. Happens here sometimes too. Usually here it's things that suction together. So you have to break the suction. Can you weasel a knife, or skewer in there?

  2. Oh my gosh that's hilarious—but not—because you want to keep them. I guess there's Crisco and soaking it in hot water some more. Crazy. crazy.

  3. Do you know any welders? What is that bowl made of?

  4. Can you put really hot water in the bowl, or is it cold? Maybe the heat/cold will expand/shrink the metal? This is a wild and crazy theory. Your really smart husband may know more bout this than me!

  5. Bummer... I think pounding it on the concrete was a bad idea, I would think that may make it stick worse but maybe not.
    Anyway, before I can properly assess the situation, can you tell us what material the bowl is? It almost looks like rubber on the outside of it.

  6. Oh that's awful...I love my bowls with the rubber on the outside because they don't move when stirring, etc. The only other things I would think of is pouring oil around the suction to see if that will help pry it off. Good luck my dear!

  7. Just call it a "bot" now and use it anyway:)

  8. Looks like you've got yourself a new double-boiler! Time to make some candy, no?